Youth Corner is your destination for updates, recommendations and resources for parents and students during these COVID-19 times. In collaboration with the U.S. jamati institutions, the Youth Corner provides helpful materials for all age groups, from studying tips and at-home learning resources, to available online tools for continuing education. 

Essential COVID-19 Updates

Food: Most schoool districts are providing take home breakfast and lunch for students. If you feel this is a particular issue for you or a Jamati member, please contact your child's school district to find out if they are offering a student meal plan during the closures.

WIFI: Many companies, including Spectrum, are offering free WIFI during this time. Learn More

Weekly Wellbeing

AKYSB + AKSWB present weekly reminders to help you navigate your mental well-being during the uncertain times. These are fun and easy activities that youth of all ages can do! Don't forget to take a moment for your mental well-being. 

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

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