Welcome to the Staying Safe page! This page is your destination for key tips and steps we can all take to be aware, be alert, and be safe. These resources are designed to help keep you, your family, home, and businesses protected. Being more security-conscious and taking these simple and proactive steps to protect yourself, your family, and your property can increase your overall level of security.

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Protecting Your Business:

Take the time to evaluate the safety & security risks your businesses may be facing and proactively prepare to reduce the risks to your businesses. Resources from short videos to helpful infographics have been developed in partnership with AKEPB to help keep your businesses and property safe. Click here.

Protecting Your Family:

Helpful resources have been developed to help keep you, your family, and children safe. Click here.

Protecting Your Home:

When was the last time you evaluated your home’s security? Take a few extra steps to help secure your home. Resources have been developed to help keep your home and family safe. Click here.