The President of the Council for the Central  United States, in consultation with the Member for Property Matters Portfolio for the Central United States is pleased to make the following appointments for the term ending December 13, 2022

Deputy Manager: 
Noor Moosa 
Deputy Manager: Mohib Masani

Capital Projects Lead: Shams Rangwala

Inspections and Inventory Lead: Rozina Ali Jinnah

Logistics and Capacity Development Lead: Amir Ajani


Property Manager: 
Shafik Ladha

Deputy Property Manager: Hafiz Amershi

PA Team Lead: Aleem Khimji

Saaf Safai Lead: Shams Jaffer

Dallas Headquarters and Overflow: 
Property Manager: 
Akber Allana

Deputy Property Manager: Shafiq Lalani 
Deputy Property Manager: ​Umair Ali

PA Team Lead: Shiraz Noorani

Saaf Safai Lead: Nadia Charania

Maintenance Lead: Saleem Dharani

Scheduling Lead: Shahzad Bashwani

Property Manager: 
Imran Umatiya Momin

Deputy Property Manager: Rahim Dadani

Little Rock: 
Property Manager: 
Sahil Hameerani

Deputy Property Manager: Afreen Lalani

Area Leads: Karim Minsaria
Area Leads: Shoaib Hadwani
Area Leads: Laila Meghani
Area Leads: Samira Noorani
Area Leads: Nafisa Pirani
Area Leads: Farid Panjwani


Property Manager: Amir Ali Charania

Deputy Property Manager: Hussain Lalani
Deputy Property Manager: Salman Bava

PA Team Lead: Salim Merani

Saaf Safai Lead: Barkat Ali Sayani

Maintenance Lead: Amin Shabuddin

Landscape Lead: Salman Nasringhani

Scheduling Lead: Rahim Pradhan


Oklahoma City: 
Property Manager: 
Aslam Karmali

Property Manager: 
Rafiq Merchant

Deputy Property Manager: Imran Lalani
Deputy Property Manager: Rahim Nathoo

PA Team Lead: Malik Nota

PA Assistant Team Lead: Samreen Rahim Kazani

Saaf Safai Lead: Mumtaz Poonja

Maintenance Lead: Wahid J Ali

Scheduling Lead: Sharukh Manji 

Property Manager: 
Meenaz Adatani

Saaf Safai Lead: Salima Khetani

Maintenance Lead: Altaf Abdullah

Scheduling Lead: Mehwish Merchant

Property Manager: 
Karim Charania

Deputy Property Manager: Siraj Khawaja

Property Manager: 
Nasir Velji