Going green has been a conscious effort made by those who keep Jamatkhanas running on a daily basis. The Council’s Property Matters Portfolio (PMP) is tasked to work closely with Jamati leaders to ensure the success of sustainability through new initiatives.

To reduce paper waste, Jamatkhanas have set up wi-fi and internet connections, created spaces for laptops and computers, and installed televisions or projectors to share announcements.

To save on energy, all LED lighting, low flow toilets, and sinks have been installed in Jamatkhanas. Every attempt has been made to use energy star or low energy-consuming equipment wherever possible.

To reduce plastic waste, reusable nandi bags have been provided as well as paper and recyclable products such as cups and napkins. Additionally, each Jamatkhana has introduced recycling programs.

For new construction, the PMP tries to use low-maintenance products, stronger building materials for longevity, and reduction of waste and landfill use, over time. To create building efficiency, natural lighting has been incorporated into the design of the space. Additionally, multi-pane Low-E windows, efficient HVAC systems, superior insulation, and smart technology are used, which collaboratively make the building as efficient as possible.

The PMP is also looking into LEED-certified Jamatkhanas for future construction projects. The team works continuously with local Jamatkhana leaders to educate them on resources we have available, the necessity of being environmentally responsible, and how they can help reduce our Jamatkhana footprint by adopting these practices. While more changes are coming, these sustainable initiatives are a great start.