A Lunch and Learn event to facilitate knowledge exchange between the Ismaili community and public officials was organized by the Ismaili Council for the Central US at Albuquerque Jamatkhana on April 13, 2019. Ismaili value systems that unify the Jamat globally and the ethics of service in our faith were shared with the guests.

Numerous officials from the federal, state and city attended, including United States Congresswoman Debra Haaland, New Mexico State Auditor Brian S. Colon, representatives from Albuquerque Police Department, representatitves from the FBI, representative from the Office of United States Senator Tom Udall, and United States Congressman Ben Ray Lujan.

The role of the Imamat and its history were explained, as well as the projects of the Aga Khan Development Network in improving the quality of life of the Jamat, and the communities among whom they live. During the discussion, guests and the Ismaili Council also learned about the needs of the city and how they impact various government initiatives. Areas where our I-CERV volunteers may assist were explored along with possible future opportunities to hold collaborative events.

The event created a deeper understanding of the values we offer as a community, and allowed the guests to gain a better understanding of the Jamat in Albuquerque. After the event, the attendees were given a tour of the Jamatkhana where aspects of our tariqa were explained.