Ismaili CIVIC USA 2022

Ismaili CIVIC is a global programme under which the Shia Ismaili Muslim community across the world has united around its centuries old tradition of serving humanity by rendering voluntary service to improve the quality of life of the communities in which they live, regardless of faith, gender and background.

This international endeavour reflects the community’s ethic of civic engagement and good citizenship, exemplifying Islam’s core values of service, peace, compassion and care for the vulnerable. Reflecting the pluralism of the Muslim world generally, the Ismailis are a richly diverse community within the Shia branch of Islam who belong to distinct ethno-geographic and linguistic traditions. They are united by their belief in a living hereditary Imam of the Time from the progeny of Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him and his family).

The Ismaili CIVIC brand will be used globally and will serve to identify all Ismaili CIVIC activities worldwide. It represents our external volunteer service across the globe in every way, through the words Khidmat, meaning service. The logo contains the Roman letters “I” and “C” as well as the word “Khidmat” in Arabic, rendered in Kufic calligraphy within a sphere, embracing the East and the West, serving humanity around the world, reflecting the values of care and compassion for others.

Global Ismaili CIVIC Day



September 24th - Keep Tyler Beautiful, Tyler, TX - register
September 24th - Tree New Mexico, Albq. - register
September 24th - Timberglen Park, Dallas - register
September 24th - Greenspace Dallas - register
September 25th - Parks and Recreation, Denver - register
September 25th - National Public Lands Day at Airport Park, Waco - register


September 24th - International Coastal Clean Up, Orlando - register
September 25th - Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital, Coral Springs register


September 25th - Splash Pad Park Clean Up, Cleveland - register
September 25th - Tobey Prinz Beach Clean Up, Chicago - register
September 25th - Heritage Park Clean Up, Kansas - register
September 25th - Fuerst Park Clean Up, Detroit - register
September 25th - East Bush Lake Clean Up, Minnesota - register
September 25th - Root Common Street Clean Up, Milwaukee - register


September 24th - Belle Haven Park, Alexandria, VA - register
September 25th - Woodland Cemetery, Richmond, VA - register
October 2nd - Olmsted Park, Brookline, MA (Boston) - register


September 12th to October 2nd - Regional Virtual Challenge
September 25th - Clean Up Mason Mill Park, Decatur - register
September 25th - Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve, Decatur - register
September 25th - Adopted Road Cleanup, Norcross - register
September 25th - Roadside Cleanup, Marietta - register
September 25th - Southern Conservation Trust Volunteer Support, Fayetteville - register
September 25th & October 2nd - Electronics Recycling Drive at the Ismaili Basketball League, Atlanta - No registration required
September 25th - Park Cleanup with Black Warriors Riverkeeper, Birmingham, AL - register
September 25th - Wolftever Creek Boat Ramp Cleanup, Chattanooga, TN - register
September 25th - Tyson Park Cleanup, Knoxville, TN - register
September 25th - Neighborhood Cleanup, Memphis, TN - register
September 25th - Pinkerton Park Cleanup, Nashville, TN - register
September 25th - Autrey Mills Nature Preserve, Duluth, GA -  register


September 17th - Galveston Beach Clean Up, Galveston - register
September 24th - Freedmen’s Town Historic Sites, Houston - register
September 25th - Keep Brazos Beautiful, College Station - register
September 25th - Keep Austin Beautiful, Austin - register


September 24th - Community Climate Action Day, San Jose, CA - register
September 24th - Crestwood Park Clean Up, Seattle - register