Tornadoes are violent and can happen anywhere. In 2020 there were 1,075 tornadoes across the US with the greatest risk in the Central, Southeast, Midwest, Southeast, and Florida regions.

FOCUS USA and the Disaster Management Team are promoting Emergency Preparedness Months in April and May. We are starting with Tornado Preparedness and the Three Steps to Basic Preparedness, shown in the video here.

Do you know the difference between a tornado watch and a warning?

  • A tornado WATCH means a tornado is possible.
  • A tornado WARNING means a tornado is already occurring or will occur soon. GO TO YOUR SAFE PLACE IMMEDIATELY!

Tornado Quick Tip: Identify a safe place in your home or work where everyone can gather during a tornado. The best spots include a basement, storm cellar, or an interior room on the lowest floor of your home, with no windows.

Prepare for long-term stay at home or sheltering in place by gathering emergency supplies, cleaning supplies, non-perishable foods, water, medical supplies, and medication. Build or buy your emergency kit today.

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