Members of the Los Angeles Ummah Accompany Council Members on a Visit to the Aga Khan Museum

A remarkably inspiring intrafaith visit was organized to the Aga Khan Center and Museum in Toronto, bringing together members of the Muslim Ummah from Los Angeles to celebrate the profound impact and enduring legacy of Rumi. The event aimed to promote intra-faith dialogue, cultural appreciation, and unity while bringing the captivating Rumi exhibits to life.

The visit offered attendees a unique opportunity to explore a diverse range of artifacts, manuscripts, and contemporary artworks that showcased the richness and diversity of Islamic civilization. By delving into Rumi's life and teachings, participants gained a deeper understanding of his poetry and its universal message. The Museum's carefully curated collection revealed a window into Rumi's world, displaying historical artifacts that provided insights into his life and the cultural milieu in which he thrived. Attendees were captivated by beautifully adorned manuscripts, adorned with intricate calligraphy and illuminations, preserving Rumi's timeless wisdom for generations to come.

Creating a multi-sensory experience, the visit allowed attendees to immerse themselves in the beauty of Islamic aesthetics. The Museum's serene gardens, meticulously designed with lush greenery, vibrant blooms, and geometric patterns, offered a tranquil space for contemplation. The sound of water features and curated soundscape, inspired by Rumi's poetry, added a meditative element to the journey, inviting visitors to connect with his teachings on a deeper level.

In addition to the historical artifacts, the visit also celebrated the vibrant contemporary art inspired by Rumi's teachings. Special exhibits showcased themes of love, unity, and spiritual transformation through various mediums. The diverse range of artistic expressions highlighted the ongoing relevance of Rumi's message in contemporary Society.

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The Rumi Exhibition at the Aga Khan Museum. Photo: Aga Khan Museum.
The Rumi Exhibition at the Aga Khan Museum. Photo: Aga Khan Museum.

The visit fostered meaningful dialogue and connections among the participants. Guided by the museum curator, Dr. Michael Chagnon, attendees engaged in thoughtful discussions about the impact of Rumi's poetry and philosophy on Islamic civilization. The event emphasized the importance of unity, respect, and cultural diversity within the Ummah.

This memorable event was organized by a dedicated team leader, Suraiya Ali of the Aga Khan Council, to create an enriching experience for the visitors. Her passion and commitment to fostering intrafaith understanding and appreciation were evident throughout the visit.

President Salim Bhanji of the Ismaili Council for Ontario hosted a splendid reception at the adjacent Ismaili Centre  During the event, he shared upcoming projects that demonstrated foresight and forward-thinking in serving the needs of the community. The tour provided attendees with an immersive experience amidst serene architectural elements, fostering insightful conversations about community initiatives. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about innovative projects and future plans that aim to enhance the centre's role as a hub of community engagement and Support.



Attendees shared their reflections on the visit:
“The Ismaili community is to be commended for their dedication to preserving and promoting the rich Islamic cultural and intellectual heritage to a global audience, with the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto serving as an impressive platform for education and engagement." Munir Shaikh, Shura Council of Southern California,

“What stood out to me the most during our visit was the profound sense of awe experienced by the group in response to the stunning architecture and the spiritual ambiance within the prayer hall...The attendees also strongly aligned with the Museum's mission to promote understanding of Muslim cultures and expressed a desire to share its collections with people in their home cities." Rahim Karmali, President, Aga Khan Council for the Western United States.”

The Rumi exhibit is a must-see for all those interested in exploring the enduring legacy of this remarkable poet and philosopher and it is on display at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto until October 1, 2023.