Sugar Land Mayor presents Certificate of Recognition for Jamat’s volunteer service efforts

These principles echo through the ages, finding their modern expression in the unwavering commitment of the Ismaili Jamat to contribute positively to society. On a memorable September day in 2023, this commitment was honored as former President Murad Ajani accepted a Certificate of Recognition on behalf of the Ismaili community from Mayor Joe R. Zimmerman of the City of Sugar Land.

This certificate wasn't just an acknowledgment; it was a testament to the collective efforts of countless Ismaili volunteers who tirelessly dedicated themselves to civic support. It symbolized the alignment of their actions with the principles enshrined in the Ismaili Constitution, emphasizing unity, brotherhood, justice, and goodwill.

The Ismaili community's ethos revolves around service, pluralism, and social responsibility, transcending mere words to become vibrant pillars of its faith. These guiding principles fuel a passionate drive to serve others, celebrate diversity, and actively participate in civil society.

While presenting the Certificate of Recognition, Mayor Zimmerman referenced the Ismaili community, "...collaborating with the City of Sugar Land for multiple cultural programs, engaging with the police and fire departments, holding public forums for citizen outreach, multiple food drives, and doing book launches."

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ismaili Boy Scouts Troop 797 helped package the donated food items at the Ismaili Jamatkhana, Austin.
ismaili Boy Scouts Troop 797 helped package the donated food items at the Ismaili Jamatkhana, Austin.

During times of adversity, the Ismaili community's unwavering resolve shines brightly. Mayor Zimmerman acknowledged their remarkable response during Hurricane Harvey and the COVID-19 pandemic, praising its invaluable support. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey's catastrophic rainfall, Ismaili volunteers worked tirelessly alongside governmental authorities, providing crucial assistance and stability.

Amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ismaili Jamat once again exemplified its commitment to service. Volunteers stepped up in various capacities, offering aid at vaccine centers, distributing essentials, and organizing vital drives. This outstanding level of service during the pandemic earned the community recognition from the State of Texas.

Former President Murad Ajani received the certificate on behalf of the volunteers, stating, “The Ismaili Muslim community is guided by the principles of service, pluralism, and social responsibility. These values are the bedrock of our existence.”

The Ismaili Muslim community's ethos of service, pluralism, and social responsibility is a living commitment ingrained in all members. Their tireless efforts, especially during crises, stand as a testament to their enduring dedication to serving humanity and embodying the Imam's vision of peace, humility, and communal unity. As Mawlana Hazar Imam’s eloquent words, spoken during the Inauguration Ceremony of the Ismaili Center on 23 June 2002, explained: “The Center will be a place of peace, humility, reflection, and prayer… It will be a Center which will seek to bond men and women of this pluralist country to replace their fragility in their narrow spheres by the strength of civilized society bound together by a common destiny.”