Aga Khan Foundation USA: Southwest Regional PLG Team

The Chairperson and Members of the National Committee convey their mubarakbaad to the newly appointed members and their families.

The Aga Khan Foundation USA National Committee is pleased to make the following appointments for the Planned and Legacy Giving (PLG) team for the term ending December 31, 2024.

The AKF USA PLG program facilitates members of the Jamat to make a legacy commitment through estate and deferred gift planning.

Southwest Regional Team
Regional PLG Leader - Yasmin Jivani
Deputy PLG Leader - Akbarali Momin
Regional Member - Mumtaz Jessani 
Regional Member - Moez Mullani

Jamatkhana Coordinator - Iqbal Maredia
Jamatkhana Coordinator - Karam Ali Jessani
Clear Lake 
Jamatkhana Coordinator - Shoukat Jan Mohammed
Member - Shaukat Sunesara
Member - Suleman Khwaja
College Station 
Jamatkhana Coordinator - Shamshuddin Maredia
Corpus Christi 
Jamatkhana Coordinator - Arif Jiwani
Member - Zahra Surani
Jamatkhana Coordinator - Ramzan Farishta
Member - Ali Zahir Khoja
Jamatkhana Coordinator - Nizam Momin
Jamatkhana Coordinator - Rozmin Merchant
Member - Nizarshah Mohammed
Member - Nizar Maredia
Member - Sher Ali Haider Ali
San Antonio 
Jamatkhana Coordinator - Karim Khan Mohammad
Member - Dr. Shazli Malik
Member - Noordin Assar
Jamatkhana Coordinator - Nizar Ali Momin
Member - Lehjat Momin
Member - Akbar Ali Momin
Member - Farida Panjwani
Sugar Land 
Jamatkhana Coordinator - Amjad Dhukka
Member - Riaz Ali
Member - Roshan Surani