In the eight short months, Sharmin Barolia has lived in the United States, she has already begun to leave a significant impact in the various communities of which she is a part. Sharmin is an active member of Los Angeles Headquarters Jamatkhana, her community of the greater Los Angeles area, and her workplace, the City of Beverly Hills.

In fact, Sharmin was most recently recognized by the City of Beverly Hills for her exemplary service in these many different communities. In partnership with the City of Beverly Hills’ Human Relations Commission, the City Council awarded Sharmin with the 2019 Embrace Civility Award. Mayor John Mirisch was proud to present Sharmin with this award, stating that her nomination was “an inspired choice, [as Sharmin has] devoted her life to serving the community, volunteerism, and advocacy.”

Surrounded by her family, friends, and co-workers, Sharmin graciously accepted the award at a recent City Council meeting. “I am deeply grateful to the City for honoring me with this award. […] Service to the community feels organic when you grow up as Shia Ismaili Muslim,” said Sharmin.

In her short time in the US, Sharmin has already been involved in multiple service projects, including joining Ismaili Volunteers Corps; serving as co-Head-of-operations of LAHQ REC; volunteering her time doing administrative tasks and research to support projects helping refugees acclimate to life in the US; mentoring young graduates and new immigrants to improve their resumes and prepare for interviews; and volunteering at the annual Best Buddies event. Additionally, Sharmin also volunteers as a Census 2020 goodwill ambassador.

Chair of the Human Relations Commission Anette Saleh recognized Sharmin’s actions as being most exemplary of the Commission's priorities and founding principles. Sharmin, winner of the 8th annual Embrace Civility Awards, was described by Saleh as “someone who acts as a role model of positive behavior, who takes a stand in support of respect and responsible actions, and someone who promotes positive neighbor-to-neighbor relations.”

Assistant Director of Finance, Tatiana Szerwinski, was also present at the award ceremony and shared why the city values the traits Sharmin has exhibited. Ms. Szerwinski observes that “helping others is evident not only in Sharmin’s personal pursuits, but in her professional work as well...she has demonstrated the principles of civility, respect, and responsible action.” Sharmin is the first City of Beverly Hills employee to receive this award.

The evening City Council meeting was preceded by a lively reception for past and present recipients of the Embrace Civility award. Rachel Evans, Human Services Specialist and a staff liaison member of the Human Relations Commission, described Sharmin as the ideal recipient of this award. She remarked, “Sharmin does such great work in the community promoting civility and positive civic behavior and we are so happy to honor her for her efforts.”

Congratulations to Sharmin on her accomplishments.