I forgot to register, what do I do?

Registration has now closed. Please contact your local registration coordinator in your local Jamatkhana for advice based on your specific circumstance. 

I'm a non-Ismaili family member and wish to register for the evening celebrations following Darbar, how do I do so?

Registration has now closed and cards are being printed.  Please contact your local registration coordinator in the local Jamatkhana of your Ismaili family member for advice based on your specific circumstance.

I have registered but changed my mind about ceremonies I wish to participate in.


If you no longer wish to attend a Mulaqat ceremony, please log into and amend your preference by 10th June. You will not need to be issued a new UK Mulaqat Card if you no longer wish to attend a Mulaqat Ceremony. New cards will only to be issued if you now add a ceremony and have not informed us at the time of registration. 

My registration details on my card collection form appear to be incorrect. How can I change them?


Registration has now closed. Cards are now being printed, please check if the details on the cards are correct. Please contact your local registration coordinator in your local Jamatkhana for advice based on your specific circumstance. 

When can I collect my UK Mulaqat card?

Cards can be collected from your local Jamati Registration Representative between 4th and 15th June, inclusive. (Note: dates and times will vary by local Jamatkhana. Please listen out for local announcements) Please bring your Card Collection Form with you to collect your card. 


I want to change my preference and now wish to attend Jamati Ceremonies. What should I do?


If you wish to attend a ceremony and had not informed us at the time of registration, please log into and update your preference by 10th June. After this date, allocations will be made and your session allocation will be communicated to you. You will be issued with an access pass for the Ismaili Centre which will be required in addition to your UK Mulaqat card. Details for collecting this access pass will be conveyed at a later date. 


I have been allocated to an Ismaili Centre session that I am unable to attend. How can I change?

Unfortunately there will be no opportunity to re-allocate your session time. It is important to attend the session you are registered for. 

When and how will I be informed of my allocated session time?

After 10th June we will be firming up the schedule of Mawlana Hazar Imam during this visit. This will then enable us to conduct the revised allocations which will then be communicated. Please listen out for more information on this. 

I would like to request a chair but did not do so at the time of registration.

Registration has now closed. New chair requests will be facilitated on the day if possible.


Note: There is a limited space for chairs in the venue, if you can sit on the floor we humbly ask that you do so. Priority will be given to senior members of the Jamat and those with medical or physical needs. For those under the age of 65, if you require a chair, we recommend bringing a medical certificate or disability card with you on ceremony days, so as to support prioritisation if necessary.

I don’t have my card collection letter. Where can I get it from?

You can print this or email it to yourself by logging on to

I raised a query and haven’t heard back yet. How do I know if my registration is completed?

We have received a high volume of queries and most have been actioned. Thank you for your patience. You can check the status by logging into and viewing your card collection form, this will reflect the latest status. 

I am a member of the Jamat from a non-UK jurisdiction and I will be in the UK on the day of the Darbar. Can I join for the celebrations?

Yes you can, please come to ExCeL on the day and you will be registered accordingly on arrival. You will be able to participate in Jamatkhana ceremonies, dinner and celebrations. There is no need to register in advance. 

I still have my Diamond Jubilee Card, do I still need to register? Can this be used for the Mulaqat?

No, every member of the Jamat will be issued with a new , different, UK Mulaqat card and will therefore need to re-register.

Is there any documentation I can give to my employer/children’s school to request the day off?

You can request one by e-mailing with your name, the name of your child, the child’s class or form and the name and address of the school. 

Please note: these letters do not guarantee authorised absence. The decision is granted at the school’s discretion only. 
A brief explanation of the historical significance of this event and suggested responses to possible questions you may be asked is available here.

I’ve forgotten my card and come to ExCeL, what do I do?

Please come to one of the registration desks (located at shutters N3 and N11) where you will be issued a replacement day pass. Your old Mulaqat card will be disabled.

I registered and had my cards printed but never picked them up before Darbar day.

Please come to the registration desk at the West entrance (shutter N3) with your card collection reference and proof of ID. Your cards will be given to you.

I am part of the UK jurisdiction but didn’t register. Can I still attend the Darbar?

Please come to the registration desk on the West entrance (shutter N3). You will need to bring an original photo ID (passport or driving licence) as well as proof of your UK residency. This can include Council Tax Bill, Utility Bill, TV Licence, Bank Statement, Credit Card Bill, Driving Licence. Documents should be dated within the last 3 months. 

I forgot my child’s wristband. Will you have any spare?

Spare wristbands will be available at the registration desk as well as the Little Village and the information desk.

I have family visiting from abroad and who will be joining for the evening celebrations. Should they come to the registration desk?

Non-jurisdiction Ismailis should come to the East Registration desks located at N11 Where they can pick up a lanyard and a Celebration card to join us for dinner. In the meantime they are welcome to stay in the Capital Suites using the escalator/ lift to the 3rd floor (only accessible from the East entrance of ExCeL).

I have family visiting from abroad and who will be joining for the evening celebrations. Should they come to the registration desk?

Non-jurisdiction Ismailis should come to the East Registration desks located at Shutter N11 where they can pick up a Celebrations Card and lanyard. This will allow entry for dinner and evening entertainment. During the day, space has been arranged on the 3rd floor Capital Suites (only accessible by lift and escalators from the East entrance of ExCeL).

My non Ismaili carer / non Ismaili family member forgot their lanyard. Should they come to registration desk to collect a new one?

Please come to one of the registration desks (located at shutters N3 and N11) where you will be issued the relevant replacement cards. 

Multi-faith Family

I am a non-Ismaili family member, can I attend the event at the ExCeL?

On the day of the UK Darbar, a comfortable room will be made available for non-Ismaili family members and caregivers to wait in until religious ceremonies have concluded. Electronic devices will be permitted in this room. For reunification, we recommend that Jamati members meet their family members and caregivers in this room following the completion of ceremonies.

I am a non-Ismaili family member, can I wait for my Ismaili family who are attending ceremonies at The Ismaili Centre?

Due to space restrictions, The Ismaili Centre is only able to accommodate those who are attending specifically for ceremonies. However, there are lots of restaurants and cafes around The Ismaili Centre. In addition, there are various museums within a very short walk from The Ismaili Centre.

I am a non-Ismaili family member, can I register to volunteer?

Yes, you can register to volunteer at by logging on to Note: There will be limited opportunities to volunteer prior and during the time of the Darbar ceremonies. 

Programme and Venue: ExCel

Where will the Darbar take place?

We will have one Darbar in the UK which will be held at the ExCeL London on Friday 29 June 2018.
The address of the ExCeL is:
One Western Gateway
Royal Victoria Dock
E16 1XL

How do I get to ExCeL?

For details on directions to the ExCeL, please refer to the Excel London website:

Members of the Jamat who will be arriving on the DLR are requested to alight at Customs House. 

The Docklands Light Railway times are listed below:

Tower Gateway Direction

Custom House Station First Train

Custom House Station Last Train

Prince Regent Station        First Train

Prince Regent Station             Last Train

Monday – Friday






Beckton Direction

Custom House Station First Train

Custom House Station Last Train

Prince Regent Station        First Train

Prince Regent Station             Last Train

Monday – Friday








Will there be transport from Jamatkhanas to ExCeL?

A return coach will be arranged from local Jamatkhanas. Please speak to your local Jamati coordinator for further information.The deadline to book your place is 8 June.

Will there be parking at ExCeL?

There is plenty of parking available at and near ExCeL. The pre-booked, discounted parking spaces that were made available to the Jamat have now been booked. A limited additional number will be made available in coming days and weeks. These will be bookable through the ExCeL website – In addition, there is pay and display parking available at £20 per day This can not be booked ahead of time. 

Will there be pick up and drop off spaces at ExCeL?

There will be a clearly signposted drop off point at the venue for the comfort of elderly members, those with young children, or those with limited mobility. On the day, please follow the instructions of the volunteers who will be there to assist you. 

Will be there be parking for blue badge holders?

Yes there will be, there will be a limited number of spaces so you are advised to book early. The booking process is the same as above.

Will there be wheelchairs from the car park inside the ExCeL?

Yes, wheelchairs for transit will be available.  

What time will the Darbar Hall at ExCeL open?

The programme will commence at 2.30 with intezar. 

What is the shoe policy at ExCeL?

Shoe bags will be provided prior to entering the Darbar Hall.

Will there be a facility to store luggage and oversize bags?

There will be a very limited cloakroom facility to store bags. All items will be left at the owner’s risk. We encourage the Jamat to bring as little baggage with them as possible.


If an item is removed at security, will it be returned to me after the event?

It will be available for collection after the ceremonies, to be advised.  Any items are left at their owner’s risk.

What food will be provided at ExCeL?

A celebratory meal will be provided in the evening, along with cake and sherbet. Refreshments will be provided during the day.

Will there be catering for special dietary requirements?

Care will be taken to ensure that a varied menu is provided, however the food may be contain nuts and/or dairy. People with very specific dietary requirements are advised to consider bringing their own food.

Will food be available to purchase?

No, all the onsite concessions will be closed for the day.

Will food be provided for non-Ismaili carers and/or non-Ismaili family?

Light snacks will be available in the room where non-Ismaili family and/or carers can wait. 

Will Diamond Jubilee memorabilia be available to purchase?

Yes, memorabilia will be available to purchase.

Can I bring snacks and food into ExCeL?

Yes, you are able to do so. If you have dietary requirements, we encourage you to bring your own food with you.

Can I take water and snacks into the Darbar Hall?

Yes, however immediately prior to and during the Darbar ceremonies, members of the Jamat are humbly requested to refrain from consuming food. 

Will Jamatkhanas be open on the day of the Mulaqat?

No, all Jamatkhanas will be closed on the day of the Mulaqat. Jamati ceremonies will take place at ExCeL. The Ismaili Centre will also be closed on the day(s) that Jamati ceremonies with Mawlana Hazar Imam are taking place during the day, and the day prior.

Special Groups and Children: ExCel

Will there be provisions for young children at ExCeL?

There will be no creche facilities, however a children’s area will provide activities for children of different age groups for parts of the day.

Changing and bottle warming facilities will also be provided. There will be an area for mothers who are nursing which will remain available during Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Mulaqat. Further details will be conveyed to the Jamat shortly.

Can I bring baby supplies into the mulaqat venues?

Note that baby diapers, tissues, milk bottles, baby food, noiseless or stuffed toys, child carriers and car seats will be permitted inside the Darbar hall. Pushchair storage will be available outside the hall before security. 

Will food be provided for children at ExCeL?

Food will be provided throughout the day which will be child friendly, and a specific children’s meal will be provided for dinner. Efforts are being made to be mindful of allergies, but please note it cannot be guaranteed that the food is nut free. Specific details regarding the menu will be conveyed to the Jamat in due course.

Will I be able to bring a buggy?

There will be facilities to store pushchairs and buggys. Please note these will not be allowed inside the Darbar Hall.

I have a family member who has special needs, is there someone I can speak to about this?

Please contact a member of the Aga Khan Social Welfare Board whose details can be found on the IIUK app or email

Will the hall have space for people who have high dependency?

Yes. A space will be allocated specifically for people who have high dependency needs. 

I have special medical needs and I would like to understand what provisions will there be for me to attend the Mulaqat?

Members of the Jamat with special needs as defined below and, in particular, medical or complex special needs, should contact the Special Groups Team by emailing as soon as possible in order to discuss suitable arrangements.

  • Physical mobility problems and need assistance
  • Visual impairment and need to be guided
  • Hard of hearing or deaf and need assistance
  • Medical special needs:
    • Requiring constant or special medical care
    • At the time of UK Visit are in a hospital, nursing home, hospice, residential home, or having frequent appointments at hospital
    • On oxygen therapy or regular nebulisers
    • Receiving peritoneal dialysis
    • Are terminally ill, receiving treatment for cancer, and /or vulnerable to infection
    • Mental health
    • Autism
    • Challenging behaviour
  • Other special needs

Will ExCeL have access and space for wheelchairs?

ExCeL is fully accessible for wheelchairs, and space for wheelchairs has been allocated inside the Darbar hall. If you will need to sit in a wheelchair all day, please bring this with you.

Will any medical care be provided at ExCeL?

There will be comfort rooms near the Darbar Hall which provide a space to relax in a quiet atmosphere. There will also be a First Aid team. Members of the Jamat requiring medication are requested to bring this with them.

We encourage families to look after each other with regards to health needs. Volunteers will be available but there will be limited capacity to look meet high levels of need.

Can I reserve a chair in advance?

Once inside the Darbar Hall, If you have been allocated with a chair, you will be able to choose a chair that is not occupied. Once in your seat please wait for a volunteer to give you a chair number card and mark your chair as occupied. You are then free to leave your chair, however we do not recommend that you leave it unattended for long periods. In fairness to all it will not be possible for you to reserve chairs for others.

Is there an area for wheelchairs?

An area for wheelchairs has been allocated and a chair for Ismaili carers will be provided, if required. Once you have settled in your position please wait for a volunteer to give you a chair/space number card and mark your chair/space as occupied. You are then free to leave the area but we do not recommend that you leave for long periods.

Will there be assistance to access catering?

Volunteers will be able assist those with mobility issues to access the catering area. There will be seating available for wheelchair users and for those who need assistance. If you have specific dietary requirements, you are advised to bring your own food. 

Will there be comfort rooms available?

There will be comfort rooms which will be available by prior arrangement. These rooms will provide a quiet area for relaxation or a space for personal care. The rooms will be manned by a very limited number of volunteers. Those using these facilities are urged to be accompanied by their Ismaili carers or family members who are familiar with their individual needs.
If you require access to a comfort room, please the Special Needs team –

I need special medication, can I bring this with me?

Yes, please remember to carry any necessary medications and/or medical aid supplies. Jamati members are also advised to keep a list of their medications and allergies with them at all times together with copies of prescriptions with a doctor’s name and contact information if appropriate.

Note that there will also be first aid teams at the Darbar to address any medical needs. 

Can my non-Ismaili carer accompany me to ExCeL?

Yes they can. Rooms will be provided for them to wait during the time of the mulaqat. Snacks will be provided. They will be able to keep their phones with them however members of the Jamat are not permitted their phones with them in the Darbar Hall. Volunteers will have a means of communicating with the room where non-Ismaili carers will be able to wait.

Will my carer be able to remain with me at all times?


No. Non-Ismaili carers are able to wait in a comfortable room for the duration of the ceremony. As carers will not be permitted inside the Darbar Hall, you are advised not to arrive at ExCeL too early for your own comfort.

Will non-Ismaili carers need to register in advance? How?

Yes, they need to be registered as part of your registration process and will be allocated a card. 

I will be arriving at ExCeL by ambulance, do I need to make specific arrangements?

Please ensure that you have informed the Special Groups Team if you are arriving by ambulance by emailing  Volunteers will provide guidance on the day about safe areas to stop and alight from vehicles.

Is there a Medical Special Needs unit at ExCeL?

Yes. Individuals with medical special needs can use the Medical Support unit.  Individuals who may require additional medical support will need to be assessed on a one to one basis. Please contact the Special Groups Team by emailing


Are we able to bring our own wheelchairs to the ExCeL? Will wheelchairs be provided?

Please indicate that you need a wheelchair space when registering. If you require the use of a wheelchair for the duration of the events, you are requested to bring your own wheelchair. This should be clearly labelled with your name and telephone number and brought with any cushions and leg rests. 

A limited number of wheelchairs will be provided at ExCeL to transport members of the Jamat who require mobility assistance.

What is on offer for 0-5yr olds?

The Little Village is open throughout the day (except Darbar time) and is located on the East side of the venue, south of the boulevard. 

What facilities are available in The Little Village?

  • A range of activities including arts and crafts
  • A sensory area for under 18 month olds
  • Basic changing facilities and a nursing mother’s area
  • Fridge, microwaves and bottle warmers
  • Snacks such as fruit and vegetables
  • A frequent-access buggy park; further buggy parks are available throughout the Boulevard
  • A kitchenette
  • First Aid Station: 2 paediatric first aiders and 1 paediatrician
  • Entertainment after Jamatkhana followed by bedtime stories from 8.30pm

What is the policy for lost children?

There is a lost child point at the main information point located in the main Boulevard.

·       Please advise your children that in an event of losing one another, to remain where they are and to identify themselves to the nearest uniformed IVC volunteer.

·       The IVC volunteer will remain in the location found with the lost child for 5 minutes, and if not collected, taken to the information desk where they can be re-united.

·       Lost children at the Information point will be in care of a CRB Checked individuals who are manning the desk/area.

·       Parents/carers are advised to ensure your child’s wristband contains the child’s name, Jamatkhana and mobile telephone number. Spare wristbands are available from Registration, Cloakroom and The Little Village

What are the rules of The Little Village?

  • Ensure your child is wearing their wrist band at all times
  • Ensure the wrist band has the child & parent/carer’s name, Jamatkhana and parent/carer contact mobile number, listing any allergies also
  • Upon entry register your child into The Little Village, who will be issued with The Little Village drawstring backpack
  • One parent to remain with the child at all times
  • Make your child known to the designated First Aider if they have any allergies or medical conditions
  • No photography or filming of children (post-Mulaquat) other than your own on mobile phones whilst in The Little Village
  • If you have brought your own food from home, ensure containers have your name and contact details clearly labelled before storing in The Little Village fridge
  • Please consume food and drink in the designated snack area within The Little Village
  • Please be considerate for other Little Village users and volunteers

Is there food for children?

You are welcome to store your child’s food in the fridge provided and heat your child's food using our microwaves and bottle warmers. Please ensure all food is stored in the fridge is clearly labelled with your name and contact details. Please note all uncollected food and drink will be disposed of at 10pm.  

Child friendly lunch – Cheese sandwich or a chicken salad sandwich and ready salted crisps 
Child friendly dinner - Lasagna (Vegetarian Lasagna also available)
Food will be served for lunch and dinner in the catering area (North hall). It is not possible to guarantee that these food items are free of nuts, as they are prepared in an environment that is not free of allergens. 
A sustenance pack will be provided for every member of the Jamat (including children) which contain child friendly snacks 

What snacks will be available for 0-5yr olds?

Snacks such as fruit & vegetables are provided within The Little Village.

From 8.30pm-9.30pm cookies and milk will be provided in The Little Village during the Bedtime Stories 

Do parents need to stay with their children at The Little Village?

Yes. The Little Village will not be offering any crèche facilities. A parent or carer must stay with their children at all times. 

What do you recommend we bring for our 0-5yr olds?

This is not an exhaustive list but some ideas of what you might like to bring with you:

·       Sufficient nappy changing provisions

·       Any usual feeding equipment you would carry

·       Any particular food/drink you need (formula or puréed foods)

·       Blanket

·       Pyjamas / change of clothes

·       Apron or overall for the activities

·       Please bring your child’s regular medication 


How do I register to volunteer for the Mulaqat?

You can register to volunteer by logging on to

What uniform should I wear?

Members of the IVC should wear IVC uniform in the usual way. Some teams will be required to wear armbands in addition to the IVC uniform. More information will be provided in due course.

I have never volunteered before, will I be shown what to do?

Yes. Team leads will provide on the day training. Where needed, some team will also receive training ahead of time to ensure all volunteers are comfortable with their roles. 


Will electronic devices be allowed in the Darbar Hall or The Ismaili Centre?

To enhance the Jamat’s experience, and ensure the sanctity of the ceremonies that take place within the Darbar hall, electronic devices including mobile phones, any devices capable of recording, capturing audio, video or still images, storing, broadcasting or receiving data, children’s electronic toys are prohibited and will not be permitted.

Will I be able to re-enter the access controlled area if I leave for any reason?

At ExCeL, all members of the Jamat will be able to exit but will then need to re-enter through the security screening.



Why might I need to book a locker?

Mobile phones and electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, electronic toys, iPads, smart watches and devices capable of transmitting or receiving information will not be allowed in the Darbar Hall. If you have no other means of storage, such as in a car, in a bag in the cloakroom, or with a non-Ismaili family member, you should consider keeping your electronic items in a locker. 

Can I have a locker of my own or must I share?

There are not enough lockers for everyone to have their own. Lockers are sized to for up to 10 or even more smart phones. We would strongly advise sharing between several people. They are operated with a pin code which can be agreed amongst you in advance. 

Each locker varies in size but is approximately 30cm x 30cm x 30cm.

Do I need to the names of people I’m sharing my locker with?

We recommend you provide the names of those sharing a locker for security reasons. Please put the name of those sharing the lockers in the other information box when you book your locker however you can choose to share with more people than you state if you wish to. 

How do I book a locker?

Lockers will be available at both the West (main) and East entrances by clicking here for West and here for East.

Once you have paid for the locker you will be sent an email with your allocated locker number.  As part of the terms and conditions of the locker provider, no refunds can be issued once the booking is made.

How do I know which entrance to book near?

The main entrance to the venue is the West Entrance, however based on your travel arrangements you should select the locker group most suitable to you. 

Main (West) Entrance click here

This is the main entrance to the venue and will include access from Custom House DLR, Main car park, Royal Victoria Multi Storey car park and the following Hotels:

·       Novotel

·       Crown Plaza London Docklands

·       Sunborn London Yacht Hotel

·       Good Hotel London

·       Ibis London Excel

·       Jamati coaches

East Entrance click here

This will include access from Prince Regent DLR, East Car Park and the following hotels:

·       The Aloft 

·       Fox Connaught

·       Premier Inn London Docklands

·       Holiday Inn Express Excel

·       Double Tree Hilton

·       Travelodge London Excel 

·       Moxy

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate any changes to locker bookings on the day.  We therefore recommend you confirm your entrance before booking.

Can I book a locker on the day?

Subject to availability. Please note, only credit and debit card payments will be accepted.  

Do my non Ismaili family members need to book a locker to store their devices?

No, on the day of the Darbar a comfortable room will be made available for non Ismaili family and carers to wait until the religious ceremonies have completed. Electronic devices will be permitted in this room.

Are my items insured?

No, your items are left entirely at your own risk. The area will be manned on the day but the volunteers do not accept liability for loss of items.

Will there be locker facilities at the Ismaili Centre?

No, please do not bring mobile phones to The Ismaili centre as they will not be permitted after the security screening area.


Will the National Council be able to provide me with a letter to assist with a visa application?

The National Council will able to provide a supporting letter to submit with your visa application.

Note, the letter will not guarantee that your application will be successful; you will have to meet the legal requirements necessary in order to obtain a visa. We remind you not to book flights until you have your visa approved. 

If I am not given a visa to travel to the UK, can I attend a mulaqat in another location?

In the first instance, you should apply for a visa to attend a mulaqat in the UK. If you are unable to obtain a visa for the United Kingdom, you can apply to register for the France mulaqat. You will need to provide evidence that you can not obtain a UK visa. 

Can I attend a Mulaqat in the UK as well as France?

No. The option to attend didar in France is for those murids who are unable to travel to the UK. 

Will financial assistance be provided to attend the UK Mulaqat?

All costs to attend the UK Mulaqat will be the responsibility of the Jamati member.

Do I have to inform the National Council which Mulaqat I am able to attend?

Registration on is required for both the UK Mulaqat and the France Mulaqat. For either one, there is an eligibility criteria that must be met.

Members of the UK Jurisdiction can only register for the France Mulaqat if they are unable to travel legally attend the UK Mulaqat and are legally able to travel to France.


Will transport and accommodation be organised to travel to the Mulaqat?

Coaches to ExCeL are being organised from UK Jamatkhana’s for more information on the timings and cost for travel. If you are travelling to the UK from Europe and need assistance with booking coaches, please contact for further details.

A number of hotels are available with special offers for members of the Jamat attending the UK Mulaqat. Jamatkhanas are also arranging coach travel to and from ExCeL on the day of the Mulaqat. You may find it easier to find a hotel closer to a Jamatkhana and travel to ExCeL.

Travelodge hotels are offering discounts for bookings made until 14 June 2018 at the following locations:

Waterloo, Kings Cross, Battersea, Romford and Heathrow

Point A hotels are offering a 12% discount on Saver and Flexible rates at the following hotel:

Canary Wharf, Kings Cross, Liverpool Street, Paddington, Westminster and Shoreditch

Promo code: DIAMOND18

Will transport and accommodation be organised to travel to the France Mulaqat?

There will be arrangements on this that will be communicated in due course. A contribution will be requested. 

Will the National Council be able to provide a letter for schools/employers to assist in having the day off?

You can request one by e-mailing with your name, the name of your child and the name of the school. Mulaqat dates have not been confirmed and as such letters will be shared with you after this announcement.

Please note: these letters do not guarantee authorised absence. The decision is granted at the school’s discretion only. 

If I am not able to travel for a mulaqat, will arrangements be made to view the event?

As we have seen in other countries a video of the visit will be made and shared shortly after the visit. You will be able to watch this in your local Jamatkhanas, and a version will also be available on line after some time.

I have a specific question about my circumstances – is there a help desk or an info line?

If you have a specific question and would like to speak to someone, please call the helpline on:

United Kingdom +44 20 8191 7869

Denmark +45-78768406

Finland +358-753251162

Netherlands +31-850644001

Norway +47-85290058

Austria +43-720778884

Germany +49-69222224877

Sweden +46-850638408

Italy +39-0236048420

Ireland +35-315314930

You can also email:


Where can I find more information about the Diamond Jubilee events in Lisbon?

All information is available on – as this is a global event, all communications about it are coming through global communications channels. 

Can I get any letters of support to help me get time off work or school?

You can email requests to for required letters.

How do I register to attend the Mulaqat in Portugal?

Registration for events in Portugal are currently being handled centrally and not by the UK National Council. Please go to to register and keep an eye on website for up to date information.


Note: registration for events in Lisbon is distinct from registration for the UK or France Mulaqats thorugh