Multi-Faith Families

The visit of Mawlana Hazar Imam is a unique occasion, and we hope that family members will be able to support each other through this special time.

We encourage all non-Ismaili family members wishing to learn more about the significance of the Mulaqat to visit the IIUK App. There you will find a range of creative and reflective activities that can be undertaken at home, individually or as a family.

These include ABC cards for children available through Jamatkhanas and Baitul Ilms, a podcast on devotional expressions, and ideas on how to create themed lanterns - there are a multitude of activities, designed to deepen our understanding of and engagement with this occasion. 

We encourage all members of the Jamat and their non-Ismaili spouses and children to participate fully during ‘In Conversation with’ events that will be scheduled locally. Details will be provided on the IIUK App. These information sessions will share details about the forthcoming visit and will be an opportunity to ask questions about any aspects of the planning and preparation. 

During the Darbar

The events and programming surrounding the visit of Mawlana Hazar Imam will be focused primarily on Tariqah-related activities and are religious in nature. We welcome all non-Ismaili family members to join the evening celebrations after the Darbar and Jamatkhana ceremonies have completed.

A comfortable room in the ICC Capital Suite will be made available, if required, for non-Ismaili family members to wait in until religious ceremonies have concluded. You will be able to keep electronic devices with you. Light refreshments will be available as the concessions in the Boulevard will be closed.

The ICC Capital Suite can be accessed from the east entrance. Please enter ExCeL via the east entrance - Drop off points are available.

For reunification, we recommend that you plan in advance where to meet family members following the completion of ceremonies.


If you would like to volunteer during the Darbar, please register via the IVC Captain at the registered Jamatkhana of your spouse, or sign up at