Message from the President of the National Council for the UK Jurisdiction Jamat

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My dear sisters and brothers

Ya Ali Madad

We are in unprecedented times and living through a major health crisis of global scale and impact. It has disrupted our lives, the economy and social structures. We are following closely the advice of national governments and their plans for resolving this pandemic. Whilst these feel like uncertain and challenging times, we are fortunate to have our beloved Imam, who is always by our side. Please be assured that you also have the Jamati Institutions and your Mukhi Sahebs, Kamadia Sahebs, Mukhiani Sahebas and Kamadiani Sahebas to support you through this time. The Jamat must hold firmly to their faith and remain positive. Inshallah, this crisis will pass.

At this time, the temporary closures of our Jamatkhanas was one of the most difficult decisions the UK leadership and I have had to make. I want you to know that I share in the deep sadness and sense of loss that is being felt at this time. Jamatkhanas are the bedrock of our community – they are places for spiritual reflection and peace, as well as social and emotional comfort and connections. I am aware that the loss of our Jamatkhanas is going to leave a painful void, however, the health and security of the Jamat and the communities in which it lives is always our primary concern.

It is heart-warming to hear how the Jamat has already come together and is spending more  time connecting with each other by phone and the internet. I have seen those in related lines of work communicating regularly, sharing knowledge and offering support. This is exactly what our community is all about. I am confident that our Jamat today, just as in its 1,400-year history, will see through this challenging period with faith, resilience and strength, and we will come out stronger and more connected with each other.

As you make every effort to get through this period and whilst you spend more time at home, keep a routine; make time for prayer, contemplation and mindfulness. Indeed, we can use this time to do the things or pursue interests we may not have had the time for. With children, endeavour to keep their academic studies going, and find new ideas to engage their interests or learn new things. For the elderly, let’s ensure they are comfortable, and their concerns are addressed. Let’s remain empathetic and offer support where we can to our loved ones, our neighbours and our communities, to ensure we don't get lonely or sad. Most importantly, try to smile, find reasons to laugh and remain uplifted.

The Institutions and Jamati Mukhi Kamadias have received incredible offers of support from the Jamat which has demonstrated our solidarity and care for one another. I am extremely touched and very grateful for your generosity and kind understanding. It has given us strength knowing we have you behind us at this testing time. Together we will see through this as one Jamat, one community, and one global sister and brotherhood. 

To support the Jamat at this time, we have set up the Coronavirus Support Team (“CST”) which will operate through local Jamati support structures. If you require support and have no-one else to turn to, please call the CST Helpline on 020 8191 0911 or [email protected]. The CST Helpline will be operational every day from 9am to 9pm. In the meantime, stay up to date using the IIUK emails, subscribe via the IIUK website, and view regular updates on the IIUK app.

I would like to remind the Jamat to take all appropriate measures to protect themselves and follow the hygiene and social distancing precautions that the government has announced. In particular, the elderly, as well as those who have underlying health conditions must follow advice even though this may be challenging. To stay up date with the COVID-19 situation, please visit

On behalf of all the Jamati leadership, I pray for our safety, and the physical and emotional health and well-being of all, both locally and across the world.

Naushad Jivraj
President, Council for UK