A series of pre-recorded webinars discussing the impact COVID-19 has had on Jamati businesses, self-employed and landlords. Jamati members share their experiences and perspectives on the implications of the outbreak and how they are repositioning their businesses for the future.

#1. Accessing Government Support

Business owners provide practical guidance on how to access the various government support schemes available including the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, rates relief, and the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBIL). We explore key questions business owners are asking:
- When will I be refunded by the government for furloughed employees?
- Are any local councils paying out the promised £25k cash grants?
- What do banks need to process the CBIL scheme?

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#2. Creating Liquidity and Managing Costs

Part 2 of the series explores how business owners are reducing costs in the short term and creating liquidity. We explore key questions:
- How did you reduce your costs in the short term?
- What kind of liquidity solutions are existing lenders offering you?
- Should I take on additional debt into my business at this time?
- Are there any types of financing I should be careful of?

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#3. Positioning Your Business for the Recovery

Part 3 of the series which explores how business owners are looking at the recovery and making management decisions in this period of uncertainty. We explore key questions:
- Will my business return to normal?
- Will the recovery be rapid or more gradual?
- What opportunities may arise from this crisis?

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#4. Impact on Self-Employed Professionals

Self-employed professionals make up over 15% of the workforce in the UK. We discuss what measures the government is providing.

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#5. Implications for Residential Landlords

Must see webinar for Residential Landlords covering:

- Implications of lockdown on renting, selling and financing a buy to let property
- Government measures to assist Landlords and Tenants
- Outlook for the sector

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#6. Strategy for Commercial Landlords

Must see webinar for Commercial Property Landlords covering:
- Government measures in place to assist your Tenants
- Pragmatic suggestions of working with your tenants during the lockdown
- Managing your cashflow during the crisis
- Strategies to find opportunities from the future disruption of the sector

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