Looking after your Children's Teeth!

Dental Hygiene is important for all ages and good dental hygiene starts at a young age. Click here to learn more about how you can keep your children's teeth strong and healthy.

1.Parents should start cleaning their children’s teeth as soon as they come through (around 6 months). It will not be easy to use a toothbrush so a little finger pressure and a soft flannel can be used. As the baby gets older, a children’s toothbrush can be used with a little smear of an age appropriate toothpaste. Your children should get into the habit of cleaning their teeth twice daily – morning and last thing at night, with parental supervision until age 9-10.
2. From the age of 6, the permanent teeth begin to come through and it is especially important to look after these teeth as they need to last a lifetime. The permanent molars at the back of the mouth (larger teeth) need special attention as they have deep grooves on the biting surface which should be cleaned with a toothbrush daily. Parents should help their children to do this especially at bedtime. Also at this age, they can start using an adult toothpaste.
3. Sweets, chocolates, biscuits and cakes should be eaten after and close to mealtimes and avoided in-between meals. Sticky, chewy sweets and fizzy drinks should be avoided if possible. In-between meal snacks should be kept to a minimum and can include cheese, crackers, fruit, nuts (if no allergy), carrot or cucumber sticks. If you want to give your child juice or squash, it is better to do so at mealtimes, and stick to water or milk in between meals.
4. If you think your child may need braces (orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth), ask your dentist at the check up appointment when the child begins to get his/her adult teeth. It is important that any problems are spotted earlier on and if necessary, can be
referred to a specialist.