There are around 3,200 new cervical cancer cases in the UK every year, that is more than eight every day. Find out more about cervical screening here...

  • Females aged 25-64 should be regularly screened by their GP. The screening should take place every three years for those under the age of 50, and every five years after that.
  • Cervical screening, also known as a ‘smear test’ are carried out by health professionals, who brush your cervix to collect some cells. These tests are carried out at GP practices and health centres. 
  • Your ‘smear test’ checks for a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV). If your test shows that you have HPV, cervical cell changes and can be a sign of more serious health issues. 
  • Smear tests, are shown to reduce the number of cervical cancers diagnosed by 70% due to detection. 
  • Smear tests also identify if you are at a higher risk of developing cervical cancer, so that you can get further investigations or treatment.

We should continue to educate ourselves and other females amongst your friends and family who may not be aware the importance of regular cervical screening.

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