#Why I Chose Medicine - Insight into Careers
4th July 2020

The Aga Khan Economic Planning Board (AKEPB) is pleased to invite you to our inaugural Insight into Careers event: #Why I Chose Medicine.

The event is aimed at 14-35 year olds who are applying to university, undergraduates looking at career prospects, postgraduates taking the next steps in their field or career changers looking to leave or enter the medical profession.

This informative event will begin with a lively discussion with our expert panel on topics ranging from application to medical school, career progression within medicine and changing specialities, the impact of digital disruption and how to switch into medicine from a different career. There will also be a number of interactive breakout sessions to address your specific needs.

Delivery: Zoom app
Age: 14-35
Date: Sunday 5th July 2020
Time: 11am – 12.30pm BST

Spaces are limited. Please register asap by clicking here (NB: You need to be logged in to IIUK first), or alternatively by emailing us at [email protected].