The Aga Khan Economic Planning Board (AKEPB) provides employment support by helping you improve your CV and interview skills. Here are tips and resources to help you get started.

Updated: 23/03/2024

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CV / Resume

Your CV is the most important document while applying for jobs. It is a summary of your experiences, skills, education and contact information. Remember, Your CV serves as a reflection of you as an individual. What story do you want to tell? Keep working on it until it's perfect!

General tips:

• Simple design. Use a template which clearly displays all the important information.
• Consistency. Make sure the Font, design, bullet-points, sizing and date convention are all the same.
• Length. Many roles only require 1 page. Keep your CV short and focused.
• Tailor it. When applying for different jobs, tailor your CV by using the job spec, and highlight relevant skills, keywords and experience.
• On-going exercise. Your CV is an evolving document. Keep asking friends and family for feedback to help you make it stronger.
• Template. Click here to access the CV template by AKEPB.

For detailed guidance on how to fill each section of your CV download slides from AKEPB’s CV Workshop here.

Interview Preparation

The next step on your employment journey is attending interviews. In order to perform well, It’s important to prepare your answers, practise interview skills and research the position that you are interviewing for.

General tips:

• Research. Prepare for your interview by researching the company, job role, interviewer (check calendar invitations and search on LinkedIn) and industry.
• Practice answers. Create a bank of examples from across your career. Practise how you can adapt your answers and examples to multiple questions.
• Prepare questions. An interview is also a chance for you to get to know the company. Make sure you have relevant questions to ask the interviewer.
• Virtual interviews. Always test your tech (camera, mic and software), use a well-lit environment (light should be facing you) and avoid background noise.
• AI Tools. Use tools like ChatGPT and Google Gemini to help you prepare by asking for common questions and ways to improve your answers.
• Smile. An interview is an opportunity for you to shine and talk about all the great things you have achieved. Enjoy the process!


LinkedIn is a great platform for finding jobs, networking and building your brand. We recommend creating a profile which carefully mirrors your CV.

General tips:

• Consistency and professionalism. Proofread your profile for spelling and grammatical errors. Use a professional profile picture. Be consistent in how you display information e.g. use the same date format and bullet-points.
• Match your CV. Pay special attention to ensure dates, job titles, skills and responsibilities mirror what you have recorded in your CV. Employers may search for your LinkedIn profile, and discrepancies or differences could harm your chances.
• Open to work. Update your status, and add details for recruiters to find you. Ensure what you are looking for on your CV and LinkedIn profile are the same, or at least similar.
• Building your brand. Share news articles, comment where you have a relevant opinion and use a cover photo which captures your personality or industry.
• Feedback. Constantly ask others to review your profile and continue improving it.
• Applying for jobs. Search on the LinkedIn job board and apply for jobs that are recent. Keep an eye on the number of applicants.

Job boards

• Google - search for the word jobs on
• Indeed -
• LinkedIn -
• Reed -
• Glassdoor -
• CV Library -
• Totaljobs -
• UK Civil Service jobs -
• Government platform -
• Guardian Jobs -

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