Dealing With (Un)Employment-related Anxiety

Many of us struggle with anxieties from time to time, so it is no surprise that at such a tense moment, employability anxiety is now becoming a real issue. This has been given greater urgency by the current state of the economy and future prospects of employment within the Jamat.

The Aga Khan Economic Planning Board in collaboration with the Aga Khan Health Board has produced a short video to help members of the Jamat recognise their own anxiety issues before they become debilitating.

Join Nurbanu Somani and Rozmin Mukhi - a psychotherapist with over 20 years experience in the NHS, academia and private practice - as they answer some common questions and offer coping strategies for anxiety involved when searching for employment. It could make all the difference when the time comes.

To help you find the answers that you are looking for, we have broken the video into 7 sections:

#1. What disruptive anxiety looks like

#2. Tips to overcome employability anxieties

#3. Prepare for changes in a new job role

#4. Advice for university students

#5. Coping tips for job search anxiety

#6. Turn the job search into a positive experience

#7. Simple mindfulness technique


#1. When does stress get in the way and what does disruptive anxiety look like?


#2. Can you provide us with some top tips to overcome employability anxieties?


#3. Can you provide us with some insights as to how to prepare for change in a new job role?


#4. Do you have any advice for university students who will be graduating this year and applying for jobs for managing their natural concerns and anxieties?


#5. Do you have any coping tips for job search anxiety?


#6. Do you have any strategies to turn the job search into a positive experience rather than a difficult one?


#7. Would you share a simple mindfulness technique with us?


Watch the full video from the start.

Mindfulness Breathing Exercise: 3 Minute Breathing Space

Breathing in slowly will send a direct message to the heart to slow down. This will help to calm you immediately and therefore manage the rest of the day. Sit with your feet firmly planted on the floor to ground you and close your eyes (or focus on a particular point on the floor in front of you).

Awareness: External & internal sounds and thoughts. No judgment, no change, no criticism. Just note.

Breathing: Focus on how you are breathing and your body. Acknowledge your pains & aches, your feelings & thoughts.

Awareness: Of your body, breathing, aches (in your jaw, neck, shoulders, hands etc), pains, thoughts, feelings. Feel the feet on the ground: solid and connected to Earth.

Take Note:

Over secretion of Adrenalin can cause hyperactivity and therefore sleeplessness, causing tiredness and lowering the body’s immune system. This can in turn give rise to other illnesses. 

Exercise before bedtime:

1. What did you enjoy today?
2. What happened that you were grateful for today?
3. What happened to you that you feel satisfied for?

Useful Resources For The Jamat

Mindfulness Exercise: 3 minute Breathing Space


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