The National Council and Ismaili Tariqah and Religious Education Board for the United Kingdom Jurisdiction have published the following information in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic. These are community updates, resources to cope with changes in lifestyle and health updates.  Some of these are summaries of recommendations by the United Kingdom Jurisdiction Governments, but many of these are available to the Jamat to provide advice, updates and support during this time.


Weekly Institutional Guide

• Recognising Fake News, unverified information and disinformation

• Staying Savvy and Preventing Fraud

The Law on Restriction on Movement and Gatherings

• Coronavirus Support Team Hotline

• Working from home and looking after children

• Building Resilience

• Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

• Coronavirus Support Team Hotline

Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Farsi Translation

• Protecting the Jamat Covid-19 Series

• Message from the President of UK Jurisdiction Jamat


• Coronavirus and Benefits

• Universal Credit

• Listening for Loneliness

• Strategies to support your neurodiverse child during lockdown

• Guide to Disability and Benefits


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• AKHB's Guide to Staying Healthy During Coronavirus

• Health Passport

• Covid-19 Guideline from Note to Key Workers

• Covid-19 Guideline from the Health Board

• Maintaining Healthy Relationships and Emotional Well Being

AKHB Audio & Video Archive


• AKEB Webinar on Education during Covid-19

• Update from the AKEB on UK School Closures Covid-19 Series

• Information from the Aga Khan Education Board for the UK

• HeadStart Learning from Home



• Aga Khan Economic Planning Board Summary Guidance


• COVID-19 Support Available (Households and Individuals)
Download the PDF Guide

• AKEPB Educates Series - Managing Your Money

• Wise Wallets Podcast

• Savvy Saving

• Fraud Awareness

• Guidance Notes for Households on Managing Personal Finances

• UK Travel Guidance


• Webcoding Bootcamp for 12 Weeks

• Jumpstart - Important Employment Update for Students and Recent Graduates

• Insight into Careers - Why I Chose Medicine

• Redundancy - Understand Your Rights

• Coronavirus Employment Law Q&A with Sheila Aly, Employment Barrister - Part 2

• Coronavirus Employment Law Q&A with Sheila Aly, Employment Barrister - Part 1

• Dealing With (Un)Employment-related Anxiety

• Working From Home Guide - Remote Working Tools & Software

• Working From Home Guide - Remote Working Practices

• Working From Home Guide - Ergonomics

• Working From Home Guide - Mental Health

• CV Writing Best Practice Guide

• Interview Preparation Best Practice Guide

• Cover Letter Guide Best Practice Guide

• Skills Workshops - Online Learning Resources

• Jobspot

Jumpstart - Graduate, Internship and Apprenticeship Support

• Coronavirus Advice for Employers and Employees

• Furlough and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

• External Webinars


• Webinar. Business Restructuring and The Protection of Assets

• Business Mentoring Programme

• Managing Through Disruption - pre-recorded webinars for businesses, self-employed and landlords
Government click-through-guide:

• COVID-19 Support Available (Businesses and Self Employed)
Download the PDF Guide

• Summary of Government and Bank of England Support

• Guidance Notes for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

• Self-Employment Income Support Scheme

• Financial Services Compensation Scheme

• External Webinars


• AKEPB Support, Economic Advisory, Government Resources (Sofort-Hilfe)

There is guidance in German, English, Farsi and Arabic.


Summary of Government Support and Guidance Notes for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

There is guidance in German, English, Farsi and Arabic.