When lockdown set in on 23rd March 2020, Ashan Dharamsi, a Recruitment Consultant from Peterborough was unable to continue with his job with a National Trade College. Like many others, Ashan wanted to do what he could during the pandemic crisis to help the community.

As news quickly spread that NHS staff were working tirelessly around the clock to do all that they could as COVID-19 was rapidly spreading throughout the country, Ashan frequently listened to the daily news reports that NHS staff were struggling to source PPE equipment.

Being inspired by the amazing work of the NHS and that of his wife, Shemin, an NHS Clinical Psychologist, Ashan, an engineer by background decided that this was the area that he could best utilise his skills to support the community.

Ashan bought a 3D printer and spent his spare time designing face shields. Through trial and error over a few days, Ashan was able to produce his final product.

Through social media posts, Ashan started to let the local community know that he was donating face shields to Keyworkers and vulnerable individuals. He was quickly inundated with hundreds of requests. He was contacted by various departments at Peterborough City Hospital. These included the Accident and Emergency Department, Critical Care Wards, Amazon Children’s ward, Mental Health inpatient wards and Paramedics. One team that were particularly struggling with PPE were the Hospital & Community Midwifes as the number of home births during lockdown has significantly increased. However, this was no problem at all for Ashan who supplied them with what they needed to continue working safely.

As word spread that Ashan was donating Face Shields, other teams and individuals got in touch. The demand for the face shields didn’t stop! Therefore, Ashan decided to buy a second 3D printer so that he could print twice as many to keep up with the demand!

To add to the above, Ashan has donated face shields to Care Homes, GP Surgeries, Pharmacies, Social Care departments, delivery drivers and many more.

Ashan has received great feedback regarding his face shields; Keyworkers have reported that his face shields are the most comfortable ones that they have had! Hearing such comments and seeing the appreciation and smiles on people’s face when he has delivered the face shields, makes it all worthwhile for Ashan.

Ashan’s keyworker friends and family across the country who have been struggling to access PPE have also contacted him. So, it wasn’t long before Ashan started posting his face shields across the UK. He also had international requests which he has been more than happy to supply.

The hospital contacted the local paper to raise awareness of the generous work Ashan has been doing, and he was grateful to them for helping him to reach more Keyworkers.

Ashan continues to donate the face shields as requests are ongoing. He is happy to donate these to Keyworkers in the Ismaili Community who may be in need. Please get in touch with Ashan by emailing him at [email protected].

Ashan has been featured in his local newspaper, to read this article visit: https://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/news/people/peterborough-husband-ins...