AKEPB Educates Series

AKEPB Educates is a 5-part course on Managing your Money. Learn how to budget and take care of your personal finances.

Episode Links & Further Resources

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#1. Introduction to managing your money (listen here)

#2. Getting organised (listen here)

Calculate your monthly costs as a percentage of income - Download spreadsheet example to help

#3. Setting financial goals (watch here)

Family Goals Worksheet - Download the worksheet to get started

#4. How to slice the pie (watch here)

#5. Leaky pockets (watch here)

Transcripts for all episodes are available upon request. Please email [email protected]

Listen to episode 1 to 2 using the player below:

Watch episode 3: Setting financial goals

Watch episode 4: How to slice the pie

Watch episode 5: Leaky pockets

Transcript available upon request – please email [email protected]

For more on managing your personal finances, tune in to the AKEPB Wise Wallets Podcasts.