AKEB online webinars for parents and carers.

AKEB is please to inform parents and carers of the following webinars.

1. AKEB Webinar for Parents of Early Years Children - Supporting my Child's Wellbeing - Saturday 18 April 2020

How can I support my child’s wellbeing through positive reinforcement?  What strategies can I use to tackle my child’s anxiety?

AKEB invites parents/carers of children aged 18 months to 5 years to join a webinar on Saturday 18 April from 2.00-3.00pm.  During this session, Tania Budhiraja, a Child Behaviour Therapist, Autism Education Specialist, and SENCo for West London Baitul’ilm will talk about the power of positive reinforcement in child development and give you tips on coping with your children’s emotions.

Listen here for the AKHB podcast ‘Let’s Talk Emotions' which will give you more insight on this topic prior to the webinar.
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2. AKEB Webinar for Parents of Primary and Secondary Children - Preparing for the Next Phase of School Closures and what this Means for Learning - Sunday 19 April 2020

The Aga Khan Education Board invites parents/carers to attend the next webinars on Sunday 19 April which will support them with helping their children to successfully return to school after the holiday and will cover:

  • My child is feeling anxious about the time off from school, how do I help them talk about how long schools may be closed for?
  • I am worried that I am unable to support my child fully with their learning and they may be falling behind, what can I do?
  • My child is refusing to complete the work set or is rushing it, how can I support them in completing it to the best of their ability?

The webinars will take place at:

Previous Webinars

The first webinar on 22 March 2020 covered: helping children with their learning at home, non-academic activities, helping children keep in touch with friends. 

The second webinar on 5 Sunday 2020 covered: updates of key announcements from the UK government and what this means for families, learnings from parents and teachers two weeks on, and supporting with mental health.

Details regarding these Webinars can be found here: https://headstart.iiuk.org/learning-at-home-english/

For more information email [email protected].