Aga Khan Economic Planning Board

The Economic Planning Board (EPB) is a volunteer organisation under the Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom (UK). It was established to keep the economic status of the Jamat under review. It aims to improve the economic well-being of the Jamat via case management and support in the areas of employment and personal finance. The EPB has also launched a number of business alliances in industries from hospitality to pharmaceuticals.

AKEPB International Resources
20 August 2020

This page features AKEPB content from across the globe and has been curated for the UK Jamat.

AKEPB Wise Wallets Podcasts
AKEPB Wise Wallets Podcasts
28 July 2020

AKEPB Wise Wallets Podcast Series

Web Coding Bootcamp by AKEPB
27 July 2020

Learn front-end web development through a 12-week course led by the Aga Khan Economic Planning Board. Registration closes on 29th July 2020. A kick-off email to all registered participants will go out on 30th July 2020

Business Restructuring and The Protection of Assets
Business Restructuring and The Protection of Assets
19 July 2020

Join The Aga Khan Economic Planning Board for a pre-recorded 2-part webinar led by experts to explore various business restructuring options. This will be particularly useful for businesses in the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors.

Redundancy - Understand Your Rights
16 July 2020

This page will be updated soon with information on redundancy law. Stay tuned!

AKEPB Educates Series
16 July 2020

AKEPB Educates is a 5-part course on Managing your Money. Learn how to budget and take care of your personal finances.

Insight Into Careers - Medicine
3 July 2020

#Why I Chose Medicine - Insight into Careers
4th July 2020

Jumpstart Employment Update
1 July 2020

Important Employment Update for Students and Recent Graduates
(Last updated: 29/06/20)

AKEPB - Savvy Saving
AKEPB - Savvy Saving
23 June 2020

Savvy Saving
(Last Updated: 24th June 2020)

Man walking up the stairs
Man walking up the stairs
Business Mentoring Programme
20 June 2020

The Business Mentoring Programme is an initiative by the Aga Khan Economic Planning Board to support entrepreneurs in the UK.

Coronavirus Employment Law - Part 2
8 June 2020

Coronavirus Employment Law Q&A with Sheila Aly, Employment Barrister - Part 2
(Date: 19/05/20)

Dealing With (Un)Employment-related Anxiety
30 May 2020
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