UAE Ministry of Education

04 April 2020

The UAE Ministry of Education has put together a range of developmentally appropriate activities for each age-group. Activities address the different domains of development such as the physical, social and emotional, language and communication and cognitive skills.

Activities to support your baby’s development at home

وزارة بيةالت والتعليم ف دولة اإلمارات العربية المتحدة

.جمعت وزارة التربية والتعليم في دولة اإلمارات العربية المتحدة مجموعة من األنشطة المناسبة للتنمية لكل فئة عمرية. تتناول هذه األنشطة المجاالت المختلفةللتنمية مثل المهارات الجسدية, واإلجتماعية, والعاطفية, واللغة واإلتصال, والمهارات المعرفية

أنشطة لدعم نمو طفلك في المنزل

Language & Communication

01 April 2020

Parent Article: 13 Things Babies Learn When We Read with Them

Refer to this article to better understand what your young ones are learning when you read to them during their early years.

13 Things Babies Learn When We Read with Them

Arts & Sensory Experiences

Edible Finger Paint

Try this completely edible non-toxic paint recipe for your young ones.

Homemade Edible Finger Paint Recipe

Sensory Play with Water

Create a sensory tub for your child and add food coloring for added excitement.

Baby Sensory Play: Water

Physical Development

Parent Article & Tips:

Refer to this article by the American Optometric Association to learn about vision development during the first year of life. A link is also provided to download high contrast pattern cards.

Infant Vision Development

Printable High Contrast Cards

Bubble Wrap Sensory Mat

Bring out bubble wrapping paper for an exciting sensory experience as your child lies, rolls, and crawls on the wrap.

Bubble Wrap Mat {Sensory Activity for Baby}


Parent Article: Building with Blocks

Early block play paves the way for development of STEM skills in early childhood. Bring out your child’s blocks and provide them with rich language learning during your play experience.

Not just a theory: Block play builds STEM skills in early childhood

Discovery Bottles

Reuse empty plastic bottles and create a visual sensory exploration for your little one. You can use everyday materials from around the house to create discovery bottles.

Baby Sensory Play: Discovery Bottles 

Recipes To Try

Parent Article: Starting Solid Food

Is your baby ready to try solid foods? Refer to this article to better understand signs of readiness that your child might be showing you.

Starting Solid Food 

Lentil Pancakes with Spinach

Help your child become independent and develop their fine motor skills by providing them with easy to grab finger foods.

Lentil Spinach Pancakes 

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