Early Childhood Development

Aga Khan Foundation Provides Support for Families to Help Children Learn at Home During COVID-19

Meeting the demands and expectations of supporting children to “learn at home” can be overwhelming. Whether it is receiving new instructions from teachers or navigating hundreds of online resources, it has become stressful and tiring for many families and caregivers to adopt and adapt available materials for what could really work for children within their own homes.

To meet this demand, the Aga Khan Foundation has curated a number of suggested tips and resources to support children’s learning at home during the COVID-19 crisis.The resource documents that were developed affirm and reinforce the important role that parents and caretakers continue to have in supporting their children’s learning and growth during COVID-19.

The three resources documents are linked below:

Resource 1: How to Support Families to Help Children Learn at Home

Supporting Families to Help Children Learn and Grow at Home during COVID-19: An overview and introduction to key tips and learning resources that families may consider to help their children continue to learn and grow while schools are closed during COVID-19.

Resource 2: 12 Tips for Supporting Families to Help Children Learn at Home

12 Tips to Support Families to Help Children Learn and Grow at Home - An abbreviated set of 12 tips to provide parents and caretakers with a quick guide of suggested ideas and reflections to consider during COVID-19.

Resource 3: 75 Suggested Learning Activities and Resources

75 Suggested Online and Offline Learning Activities to Help Children Learn and Grow at Home - A curated set of 75 suggested offline and online learning activities and resources to support families to help children learn and develop during COVID-19.

Tips for Talking to Young Children about COVID-19

The following resources have been provided to help you navigate difficult conversations with your young ones. Children need a safe space to ask questions and express their concerns. Use this opportunity to help your child understand how the world affects those around them.

Emotions and Self-Awareness

Answering Your Child’s Questions

Why are People Wearing Masks?

Digital Media

As you find yourself connecting with friends and families over the internet using various video chat applications, use this article as a guide to make video chat time more meaningful for your child.

Five Tips to Make the Most of Video Chats

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