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As part of our series What Ismailis Believe, this short film details the historical origins of the Holy Qur'an, its significance to Muslim societies, and its inspiration in our daily lives.

Laylat al-Qadr, or the Night of Power, commemorates one of the most significant events in the history of Islam. It is the night when Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) received the first revelation from Allah. 

On 20th April, the President of the Republic of Mozambique addressed the nation to announce new measures in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic.  


No matter how old your child is, exam season can be stressful for everyone involved. Whilst you can’t sit their exams for them, there are ways you can help. Read on for several useful tips to help everyone beat exam stress.

For students, the reintroduction of in-person exams can cause stress and anxiety. Whether it's your first time sitting an exam in high school, or you’re an experienced pro at university, we could all use some help. By finding ways to remain calm, exam season can be a lot easier to cope with.

Afghanistan has seen considerable change over the past 30 to 40 years.

Dr Najm speaks about the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, what the Aga Khan Foundation is doing in response, and his hopes for the future.

Honorable Ummy Ally Mwalimu, Minister of Health of the United Republic of Tanzania and Princess Zahra laid the foundation stone of the cancer care centre at the Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam.

In an effort to strengthen the health system in Tanzania, the Aga Khan Hospital in Dar es Salaam launched a state-of-the-art cancer care centre earlier this week, for which the foundation stone was laid by Princess Zahra and Honourable Ummy Ally Mwalimu, Minister of Health of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Princess Zahra (left) and Honorable Ummy Ally Mwalimu, Minister of Health of the United Republic of Tanzania (right), lay the foundation stone of the cancer care centre at the Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam, on 10 April 2022.

The Tanzania Comprehensive Cancer Project is a first-of-its kind initiative addressing the impact of non-communicable diseases in the country and wider region.

The metaverse is an evolving future state of technology, but also a world that doesn’t quite exist just yet.

We often hear that technology is evolving towards the metaverse, but what exactly is the metaverse, and how will we get there?

The theme for World Health Day in 2022 is “our planet, our health.”

Our health depends on the planet, and right now the planet’s health depends on us.

Princess Zahra welcomes Katerina Sakellaropoulou, President of Greece, to the Ismaili Centre, Lisbon, as Prince Hussain and Nazim Ahmad look on.

The President of Greece, Ms Katerina Sakellaropoulou, visited the Ismaili Centre, Lisbon, during her three-day trip to Portugal last week. She was welcomed to the Centre by Princess Zahra and Prince Hussain.

Old Fanous Ramadan, also known as Ramadan lantern is a famous Egyptian folklore associated with Ramadan.

In Muslim tradition, Ramadan is a time of heightened commitment to piety and purification through special observances such as fasting, the performance of good deeds – including charitable giving and voluntary service – and through personal sacrifices of material comforts. These observances can lead to spiritual fulfilment and a sense of renewal.

Speaking today at the Afghanistan Conference 2022 on behalf of Mawlana Hazar Imam, Prince Rahim urged the international community to act with generosity and speed “at a time when so many Afghans are in peril.” The meeting was convened by UN Secretary-General António Guterres, and co-hosted by the Governments of Qatar, the United Kingdom, and Germany. 

The current situation in Afghanistan is unparalleled. The UN reports that over 24 million people require humanitarian assistance to survive.

Afghanistan is at a critical point in its history. Since 1990, the country’s Human Development Index score has increased by almost 70 per cent despite numerous political and security uncertainties. However, this progress faces an existential challenge following the collapse of the government on 15 August 2021.

Over 20 per cent of college students say their mental health has significantly worsened under Covid-19.

On 15 March 2020, during the spring semester, the University of Central Asia (UCA) campus in Naryn closed abruptly, to stop the spread of Covid-19. Students and teachers were faced with a challenging question: how to continue classes and learning, when everyone had been asked to stay at home?

A calligraphic lion containing the Nad-e Ali prayer, which is typically used by Shia Muslims to seek Imam Ali’s help in times of stress and sorrow.

Both Sunni and Shia Muslims believe in intercession. Believers ask those considered close to God to intercede with the Lord on their behalf.

Prince Hussain (centre) joins Jamati, AKDN, and Government leaders (L to R): José da Câmara, President of the local parish of São Domingos de Benfica; Nazim Ahmad, Diplomatic Representative of the Ismaili Imamat to Portugal; Dr Maria Antónia Escoval, President of the Portuguese Institute of Blood and Transplantation (IPST); Dr Marta Temido, Minister for Health; Rahim Firozali, President of the Ismaili Council for Portugal; and Dr Eugénia Almeida.

Ismaili CIVIC Portugal hosted a blood donation campaign today at the Ismaili Centre in Lisbon. The Portuguese Minister for Health and Prince Hussain attended the pop-up clinic, organised to boost blood reserves in the country.

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Aga Khan Economic Planning Board, USA: Economic Advisory 

The U.S. economic fundamentals appear to be strong as COVID-19 restrictions are rapidly being lifted across the nation. However, rising inflation, lingering concerns about the pandemic, and the current conflict in Ukraine are causing substantial volatility and uncertainty. Therefore, it is best to exercise caution and prudence in all investment and financial decisions during this time.


As part of the celebrations, a table is laid with traditional dishes lovingly made by the young students’ grandparents, for students to enjoy learning about the various dishes.

In Tajikistan, Navroz is a four-day public holiday and an opportunity for families to come together in celebration of traditions, particularly with the youngest members of the family.

Following recent political and economic instability in Afghanistan, The Ismaili conducted a special interview with Amir Baig, President of the Ismaili Council for Afghanistan, who explained the conditions facing the Jamat, and how Jamati and AKDN institutions are responding.