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In our rapidly-changing world, how can young people best position themselves for success in the job market? What impact will technologies like artificial intelligence have on established career paths? And how can you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

Listening to devotional music has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety, increase positivity and well-being, and bring a sense of inner peace.

From soothing the soul to inspiring hope, studies have shown the positive effects of listening to religious music. Read on to learn how you can incorporate this practice in your life to improve mood and feel more connected.

Join us from Toronto for the second episode of The Ismaili Update: The Living Sea - Fragile Beauty, featuring exclusive clips from Prince Hussain and Princess Fareen’s visit to the Aga Khan Museum; the Ismaili Centre, Toronto; and the University of Waterloo.

Prince Hussain engages in an on-stage conversation with Canadian television journalist and anchor Omar Sachedina.

Prince Hussain and Princess Fareen visited Toronto and Waterloo this week as part of the multi-city Canadian debut of The Living Sea – Fragile Beauty — an exhibition featuring Prince Hussain’s captivating underwater photography with the goal of raising awareness of the critical need to preserve and protect our fragile marine ecosystems.

Join us in Calgary for the first episode of The Ismaili Update: The Living Sea - Fragile Beauty, featuring highlights from a series of events in Calgary, commemorating the Canadian debut of Prince Hussain’s photography exhibition, "The Living Sea – Fragile Beauty". 

Prince Hussain and Princess Fareen arrived in Calgary earlier this week for the Canadian debut of The Living Sea – Fragile Beauty — an exhibition featuring photography by Prince Hussain, celebrating the beauty and vulnerability of the oceans.

Technology Entrepreneurs (TKN Mentors)

In the vibrant city of Dubai last month, Central and South Asia's top 12 most promising tech-enabled startups took the stage at SlingShot's Demo Day to pitch for global recognition and investment. The top four startups were selected from each of the participating countries: Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. After two months of acceleration programming, they competed in Dubai for the chance to win seed funding and support from external investors.

Social audits examine the impact that programmes and services have on beneficiaries.

As a community that holds service in high regard, many of us may often find ourselves asking: how do programmes and services improve the quality of life of those who they’re meant to help?

The daily schedule for residents at Jubilee Towers includes mental stimulation activities such as puzzles, art, and games.

There is a certain magic within the spaces at Jubilee Towers in Dar es Salaam. That’s the feeling you get from the seniors who live there and those involved in running it. They love the place.

No ano em que se comemoram os 25 anos do Centro Ismaili, Lisboa, no próximo dia 11 de julho, Sara Sadrudin, coordenadora das Visitas Guiadas desde 2016, partilha connosco a sua perspetiva sobre o Centro Ismaili e qual a importância deste para a nossa comunidade.


Thousands of well-wishers gathered near Buckingham Palace to catch a glimpse of the newly-crowned King and Queen.

Prince Rahim represented Mawlana Hazar Imam at the Coronation ceremony in London earlier today as Charles III and Camilla were crowned King Charles and Queen Camilla.

The fourth and final episode of The Ismaili Update: East Africa, features highlights from the commencement ceremony of the Aga Khan University campus in Kampala, Uganda. At the event, Princess Zahra and the First Lady of Uganda expressed their hopes for what the ambitious project will mean for the lives of people in East Africa.

Princess Zahra and The Honourable Janet K. Museveni, First Lady of Uganda, unveil a plaque commemorating the commencement of construction of the Aga Khan University Kampala campus.

Princess Zahra attended a commencement ceremony for the Aga Khan University’s Kampala campus today — marking the start of an exciting new chapter in its history, as the University establishes a long-term future in Uganda.

Join us from the Pearl of Africa for Episode 3 of The Ismaili Update: East Africa. Host Mohsina Pirani takes us behind-the-scenes ahead of tomorrow’s commencement ceremony for the upcoming Aga Khan University campus in Kampala, Uganda.

Princess Zahra and the First Lady of Zanzibar, Her Excellency Maryam Mwinyi, cut a ribbon to inaugurate the Aga Khan Polyclinic in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is renowned for its fragrant spices, turquoise waters, and vibrant culture, but is perhaps most famous for its iconic doorways. At a special event attended by Princess Zahra today, doors opened to the Aga Khan Polyclinic, Zanzibar, a big step forward for healthcare provision on the island.

Episode 2 of The Ismaili Update includes exclusive coverage of the inauguration of the Aga Khan Polyclinic in Stone Town Zanzibar. Features scenes include the opening ceremony of the ultra-modern health clinic along with speeches from Princess Zahra and First Lady of Zanzibar, Her Excellency Mariam Mwinyi.

Join us from the beautiful island of Zanzibar, ahead of the special event tomorrow to inaugurate the Aga Khan Polyclinic. In this episode, host Shamya Jaffer walks through the narrow streets of Stone Town with Dr Farouk Topan, who shares the story of the city’s Old Dispensary and recounts the history of the Jamat in this part of the world.

Al-Juyushi Mosque was built by the vizier Badr al-Jamali, and was completed in 1085 CE under the patronage of Fatimid Imam-Caliph al-Mustansir Billah.

Whether you are a student of Islamic history, a lover of art and culture, or simply curious about the remarkable Fatimid period, the latest IIS book launch is not to be missed.

With smart strategies, each one of us can make a real difference to safeguarding the Earth for future generations.

Through the millennia of human existence, the Earth’s climate has shifted gradually from ice ages to warm periods due to natural cycles. So why are we so concerned about the changing climate now?

Last May, record temperatures provoked a glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) in northern Pakistan, sweeping away bridges and villages in the valley below the Shishper glacier. Higher up the mountains, the semi-nomadic Wakhi were leading their yaks to summer pastures. Their traditional lifestyle has been heavily impacted by climate change. Season 2, Episode 9 of Voices from the Roof of the World, entitled “Cry from the Mountains” explores GLOFs and their effects in northern Pakistan.