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Watch again the Mozambique Imamat Day 2020 Program

The Ismaili is pleased to present Tera Karam, meaning ‘Your Grace,’ a song written by Taufiq Karmali for Imamat Day.

Dr Karim Damji with Dr Sheila Marco, who graduated as a glaucoma specialist from the University of Nairobi and now works at AKUH Nairobi and the University of Nairobi.

Mawlana Hazar Imam has frequently commented on the value of sharing our time and knowledge with Jamats around the world and with the communities in which they live. Canadian Ismaili health professionals have taken that message to heart, having a long history of partnering with the agencies of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) to improve the quality of life of people around the world.

Mentorship and curated exposure at RFS helped Hyderabad-based Akbar Surani to obtain a Fellowship at Plaksha Tech Leaders. One of the 60 fellows selected nationwide, he received a full scholarship to the programme.

Since its launch in 2016, over 200 students have participated in the Reach for the Stars Mentorship Programme in India. Through mentorship, immersion visits, and conversations with industry stalwarts, the technology track of the programme has steered students from diverse backgrounds towards niche careers, high-impact professional pathways, and stellar academic programmes.

The Ismaili is pleased to present My Imam, a cheerful and upbeat track written, composed, and produced as an original piece especially for the occasion of Imamat Day this year. Featuring musicians and young children from across the global Jamat, this collaboration is a dedication of love and devotion to Imam-e-Zaman, our Imam-of-the-Time. The song expresses gratitude for the Imam’s guidance and blessings of peace, hope, and light.

Each of the Ismaili National Council Presidents shares greetings and felicitations as the global Jamat celebrates the joyous occasion of Imamat Day together at home.

On the occasion of Imamat Day, Mawlana Hazar Imam has graciously sent a Talika Mubarak to the global Jamat, which is being shared via The Ismaili.

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The Ismaili TV is pleased to present an Imamat Day programme featuring a variety of content that is sure to entertain and inspire the Jamat over the course of three days.

The Ismaili is pleased to present the official Imamat Day song for 2020. Mawla Mera Ishq Tu is an exclusive musical collaboration featuring 63 artists from around the world, to commemorate 63 years of Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Imamat. Translated as ‘Mawla You are My Love,’ the song aims to share love, light, and happiness with the global Jamat on this auspicious occasion. The artists bring different musical flavours from their respective homes, adding to a collective energy of unity, devotion, and celebration.

The Ismaili App is available to download for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The Ismaili is pleased to announce the release of our official mobile app, putting the latest news related to the Jamat and its institutions in your pocket!

The Ismaili TV is pleased to present an Imamat Day programme featuring a variety of content that is sure to entertain and inspire the Jamat over the course of three days.

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The Ismaili is pleased to relaunch its eCard greeting service. For the upcoming occasion of Imamat Day, choose from several unique designs, add a personal message, and send your eCard to multiple contacts at a time. Visit to get started.

The upcoming Global STEM Festival will focus on providing children and young adults of the Jamat an opportunity to explore concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, to acquire the skills needed to be successful in their lives and careers.

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Here you can find all the activies planned for the week.


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TKN Vancouver couple plays key role in helping to establish palliative care at Aga Khan University Discussion regarding discharge plan for palliative care patients admitted to the hospital. (Left to right) Dr. Atif Waqar, Head of Palliative Medicine; Anar Shariff; Samina Barkatali, Palliative Care Nurse Navigator; Dr. Nasreen Saleem, Palliative Medicine; Afzal Mangalji

The spirit of giving, sharing and caring is an old tradition kept alive through volunteerism in Ismaili practice across the world and varies in form. Time and Knowledge Nazrana is an opportunity to share knowledge and skills acquired through years of experience.

Salma Lakhani from Edmonton will be the first Muslim Lieutenant Governor in Canadian history.

On 30 June 2020, Salma Lakhani, a member of the Jamat in Edmonton, was named as the next Lieutenant Governor of Alberta by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Young members of the Jamat, such as Nitasha Aslam (left), Ziyaan Virji (top right), and Nuriya Mullo-Abdolova (bottom right) are working to improve natural habitats in their respective parts of the world.
Since the early days of Islam, believers have been taught to care for God’s creation by protecting the world’s natural habitats, and the spirit of environmental stewardship has been carried through to this day. As the dangers of climate change grow increasingly apparent, Ismaili youth from across the globe are leading initiatives to educate their communities and protect the natural world.