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Startup Alley at IPN LaunchPad 2016 is where investors and mentors had a chance to network one-on-one with startup founders seeking funding and advice.

Ismaili entrepreneurs and investors from nine countries gathered in California’s Silicon Valley last month to pitch ideas, share knowledge and to network with one another as part of IPN LaunchPad. The event was a chance for budding companies to access new sources of capital and connect with mentors and experts.

Jamati members stand with the Fanous outside the White House in Washington, DC. JG/

The Jubilee Games Fanous was celebrated across all seven regions of the United States, where the American Jamat resides.


Athletes from several regions reconnect at opening ceremony of the 2015 US Ismaili Games. Azim Maknojia

The 2015 United States Ismaili Games were held in Dallas, Texas between 26 – 29 November. Nearly 1 000 athletes competed during the Thanksgiving long weekend, supported by hundreds of volunteers.

Southeast men’s dance team, Nishani, is an example of the high calibre of competition at the North American Ismaili Games.

Chicago, 30 August 2014 – Two days into the North American Ismaili Games, the biggest draw so far has been the dance competition. Word spread quickly following an incredible set of performances on day one, and a crowd of over 800 spectators showed up for Saturday’s shows.

Preparing to capture the Abidjan skyline as part of a documentary feature.

Artistic production – including folk theatre – was a component of early civilisations including Greek, Roman, and Vedic cultures. In modern times, visual production is intertwined with far-reaching broadcast and social technologies. Hanif Kanji looks at a group of passionate Ismaili producers who use diverse media to influence social attitudes.

Ismaili volunteers taking part in the USA Jamat’s I-CERV programme pack clothes for Ocean Park Community Center in California.

Service to humanity is at once an ethic deeply rooted in the Islamic tradition, as well as a fundamental expression of American civic values. Commemorating the tenth anniversary of the September 11th tragedy in partnership with their fellow Americans, Ismaili Muslims across the United States will volunteer in a wide range of service activities in their local communities.

Danial Asaria plays an intense game at a national US chess championship.

Research shows that children who play chess cultivate good habits that benefit them academically and socially. Danial Asaria is a young chess champion from California who has won several local and national awards. His parents discuss how teaching their son chess has helped him to sharpen his focus, improved his analytical abilities and develop other important skills.

Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellman presents Mawlana Hazar Imam with the 2011 University of California San Francisco Medal, the University’s highest honour.

At a banquet in San Francisco on 26 April, Mawlana Hazar Imam was presented with the 2011 University of California San Francisco Medal. The prestigious recognition builds on existing collaborations between the UCSF and AKDN, and particularly the University’s support for training and research programmes at the Aga Khan University.

The Court of Gayumars from the Shahnama.

Dr. Francesca Leoni delivered a presentation to mark the millennial anniversary of Firdawsi's Shahnama. The presentation took place at the University of Texas at Arlington, with support from its Office of the Provost, the University's College of Liberal Arts, and the Ismaili Council for Northern Texas.

Jamati volunteers and representatives from AKF USA and FOCUS North America gather with Prince Hussain, Governor Schwarzenegger and his wife in front of the AKDN information booth at the Governors’ Global Climate Summit 3, which was hosted at the Universit

Last week, Prince Hussain attended the Governors’ Global Climate Summit 3 in the United States on behalf of the Aga Khan Development Network, at Mawlana Hazar Imam’s request. Co-hosted by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Governors of Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin and Michigan, the conference counted the AKDN among its major sponsors for the third consecutive year.

AKF USA volunteers in Memphis get hyped for Partnerships<em>InAction</em>.

This year, the annual PartnershipsInAction Walk in the United States launched with a green theme that draws attention to the impact of climate change. Underscored by the recent flood disaster in Pakistan, the Walk’s message has taken on an even greater urgency, and is echoed by volunteers across the country as they seek to raise awareness and support.

CIVIC participants in Edmonton build a shed for Habitat for Humanity.

Through civic engagement, humankind has refined agricultural practices, reformed education, rebuilt communities after natural disasters, and strengthened civil society. In countries around the world, Ismaili Muslims have made their own mark on history through community involvement, voluntary service, youth education and political engagement.

A tribute to the Girl Scouts in Savanah, GA, where Girl Scouts USA founder Juliette Gordon Low was from.

This year, the Girl Guide movement turns 98. Over the years, the organisation’s impact on the physical, mental and spiritual development of girls and young women has been phenomenal. Many Ismaili Muslim women who are part of the movement have become inspiring role models and leaders in their communities and the world.

The keynote speaker, Congressman Pete Sessions, addresses the audience about the importance of scouting and community service.

In December, ten Ismaili Muslim Boy Scouts in Texas earned the prestigious Eagle Scout Award for performing outstanding community service that demonstrated initiative, commitment to help those in need, and extraordinary leadership skills. This prestigious rank is achieved by only five per cent of all Boy Scouts in the United States.

An aerial view of Port-au-Prince's downtown area demonstrates the extent of damage inflicted by the powerful earthquake that hit the Haitian capital on 12 January.

In January, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake shattered the Republic of Haiti. Horrified by the disaster, countries, civil society organisations and individual donors responded with desperately needed help. Among them were many Ismailis who used their resources and skills to find creative ways to provide timely assistance to Haitians.

Mawlana Hazar Imam addresses the 2009 Conference of the Global Philanthropy Forum in Washington, DC.

Reflecting on Mawlana Hazar Imam's speech at the 2009 Conference of the Global Philanthropy Forum, Asif Penwala explores the connection between philanthropy, the ethic of compassion and voluntary service. He observes how this relationship comes together within the Jamat, as well as the wider sphere of the Ismaili Imamat. 

The ceiling light feature in the Prayer Hall consists of seven heptagonal (seven-sided) figures, visible in this close-up.

Some 200 guests gathered in December for the opening of a new Jamatkhana in Glenview, Illinois. Set on 9.3 acres of land, the 26 000 square foot facility includes a prayer hall, administrative offices, classrooms, and spaces for social gatherings.

Volunteers from FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance unload water for people affected by Hurricane Ike at a Houston Point of Distribution.

On 13 September, Hurricane Ike surged through Houston with destructive force. The Ismaili Council and Focus Humanitarian Assistance established a Crisis Response Team to ensure the safety of the Jamat, while also assisting relief efforts in the wider Houston community.

Participants pose at the Atlanta golf tournament, held at Country Club of the South.

Three hundred golf balls rained from the sky, marking the start of the PartnershipsInAction Annual Golf Tournament. The AKF-USA fundraising initiative was an opportunity for golfers to learn about international development while enjoying a day on the green.