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The Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) proudly marked its launch in Australia with an inaugural gala held in Sydney on Saturday 2nd of September 2023, attended by 250 people. This milestone event celebrated the Foundation’s arrival in the land down under and announced its intention to work with the Australian people to improve the quality of life for vulnerable communities in Asia and Africa.

Ismaili Civic Brisbane in collaboration with Clean Up Australia Day since 2019. Clean Up Australia inspires and enables communities to clean up, fix up and conserve our environment. This is in keeping with our Ismaili Civic values on environmental stewardship. Such events provide practical solutions to help all Australians live more sustainably every day of the year.

Panellists at the Kusi Ideas Festival discussed issues relating to the climate crisis and and its impact on Africa.

Nairobi, Kenya this week played host to the fourth annual Kusi Ideas Festival, which brought together bold voices to discuss the climate crisis and its impact on Africa. The opening session included remarks by Prince Rahim on behalf of the Aga Khan Development Network.

Only you are able to control how you use your time on LinkedIn or any social media platform.

If scrolling through social media sites such as LinkedIn makes you feel overwhelmed or unaccomplished in comparison to others — you're not alone.

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW). The mission of NIAW is to empower individuals and change the conversation around infertility.  All too often myths and misinformation appear that create barriers for people who need help building their family, and can lead to them feeling isolated. NIAW aims to empower them to share their story and feel part of a community that cares. In commemoration of this week, Farah Gina Condor has kindly shared her personal story with infertility.
“The Childless Mother” from Farah Gina Condor:

The latest edition of the healthy bytes podcast is out now!  Join Akbar Dhala, Chairman of the Aga Khan Health Board and Dr Asif Bachlani, Consultant Psychologist as they discuss how our mental health matters more than ever during this time of uncertainty and change.

Click here to listen to this edition of Healthy Bytes

To catch up on all of the Health Bytes Podcasts, listen here.

Mindful Monday Moments
Mindfulness practices can help us to increase our ability to regulate emotions, decrease stress, anxiety and depression. Mindfulness is for everyone, and it can also help us to focus our attention, as well as to observe our thoughts and feelings without judgment. The AKHB team has developed an English Playlist and a Gujarati Playlist of mindfulness exercises. Bookmark these, and enjoy an exercise when you are feeling overwhelmed. A new edition is released weekly. This week’s episode is called ‘Leaves on a Stream’. To participate in Gujarati click here. For English, click here

Weekly WAP Recommends...

The Women's Portfolio is back with a weekly recommendation to help entertain, inspire and pass the time at home.

This week Nazreen Visram, Barclays Head of Charities & Citizenship, shares the podcast 'Happy Place' by Fearne Cotton.

"However you may be feeling, lost or overwhelmed from the pressures of life, Fearne delves into the subject of happiness through chatting to an array of inspiring individuals who have made a change in their own lives or help people every day to find a different way of looking at life. Some of her guests include Dawn French, Stephen Fry and Nadiya Hussain. She has also recorded a 2 part special for International Women’s Day – well worth a listen! Listening to others stories helps me to learn ways of dealing with my own life situations."

Click here [] to access the free podcast!

AKYSB's Singalong Saturday present a video called 'Spring' composed by the Ismaili Community Ensemble (ICE) for their recent concert entitled People Planet Purpose – Starting with me. This song was inspired by their love for qawwali music and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s song called Haje Latha Nahio Akhiyan Da Cha. Spring looks at new beginning, a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be. If you would like to be featured on singalong saturday, please email [email protected] Click here to enjoy!

As we adjust to fundamental changes in our experience of life, we might experience lots of different and often difficult emotions. In this 15-minute podcast, Amira Tharani and Shehnaaz Latif explore ways in which our faith can help us accept and work with the different emotions we may be feeling. The podcast includes stories and poems from our tradition, along with practical tips to help keep faith alive every day. Click here to listen

Join the Moti family for week two of their bollywood dance class, suitable for the whole family, from young to old!

You can participate in this class by clicking here

To subscribe to the Moti family playlist on YouTube channel click here

AKEB is pleased to invite you to join the next set of webinars.

The next Early Years webinar is on supporting your child's wellbeing on Saturday 18 April from 2.00-3.00pm, click here to register.

The next webinars on Sunday 19 April will cover preparing for the next phase of school closures and what this means for learning:

    Primary - 11.00am-12.00pm, click here to register.

    Secondary - 12.15-1.15pm, click here to register.

Click here for more information on each webinar, and please register by Friday 17 April.

It’s likely we all know someone who has unfortunately shared inaccurate information on social media, or on a WhatsApp group.

We are living in a different world compared to just three months ago. Critical parts of our lives have been uprooted and turned upside down, which has led to a further spiral of worry and stress. We want to be helpful, so we tend to share information that comforts and reassures us - however, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s accurate, and in fact, it often contributes to the growing uncertainty.

Farzana Moti has been teaching accessible dance to Leicester JK for more than a year. Eager to continue teaching, and with a queue of people not wanting the classes to pause, Farzana has decided to launch online classes!

Check out her first online dance class here.

Class instructor- Farzana Moti
Video creators- Farzana Moti, Jasmine Moti, Aleena Moti

There are four parts to the first set of dance exercise classes which will be released every week.

Disclaimer- You should consult your physician or other health care practitioner before starting this or any other exercise

AKYSB & AKHB present Sema Yoga. This class is designed for anyone who feels comfortable seated on the floor, capable of putting their body weight through their wrists and knees. Try the first in the series by clicking the link below. These virtual classes will continue to be available, stay tuned for more information.

Click here to watch :

Let's Talk Emotions is a webinar facilitated by AKHB with Shelina Ladha. It is filled with guidance for parents who want to look after their family's well-being during this time. Click here to watch this short information video.


Why not get fit with Bollyfit brought to you at home!

Aliya Meghjee has a passion for dance and started training in many forms of dance from a young age. This led to her finding her niche in commercial Bollywood style. In February 2019, she launch Bollyfit which has been a huge success with full classes every week! Join us digitally to be part of the fitness fun!

Join Bollyfit using the link below:

Meeting ID: 742 340 4681

In light of the uncertainty and increased levels of anxiety caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Women’s Activities Portfolio (WAP) member and Fulfilment Coach, Shaista Kurji, shares her take on journaling and how it can help create a sense of ease, reduce stress and improve our mental health and general outlook whilst self-isolating.