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A ‘lover’ to be, I saw you many a time but ignored you. Yet thousands would have eloped with you, I knew nothing of you.

In 2020, cultural organisations in London and elsewhere have had to adapt to a "new normal," which has presented both challenges and opportunities.

How have arts and cultural organisations handled the events of 2020? Panellists from some of London’s most renowned institutions discussed this question at The Covid Culture Shock, an online event hosted last week by the Ismaili Centre, London.

The principal entrance of the Ismaili Centre, Vancouver, takes the form of a niche, emanating a lamp-like light.

Thirty-five years ago, on 23 August 1985, the then Canadian Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney, officially opened the Ismaili Centre Vancouver in the presence of Mawlana Hazar Imam, marking a moment of great historical significance for the Jamat in Canada and around the world.

The Ismaili is pleased to present Mazee Balayem, performed by the Yusuf Khirad Band at the Ismaili Jamatkhana and Centre in Khorog, Tajikistan, in 2019. The lyrics, attributed to Jalal al-Din Rumi, express the complexity of human existence and the importance of zikr. The musical composition is a blend of traditional Central Asian instruments such as the daf, doirah, rubab, and sehtar, and modern instruments including the keyboard and guitar.

Dominic Raab, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs in conversation with Naushad Jivraj, President of the Ismaili Council for the UK, during a guided tour of the Ismaili Centre, London.

The Right Honourable Dominic Raab MP, the First Secretary of State and Foreign Secretary was welcomed to the Ismaili Centre London in March, in the lead up to the occasion of Navroz

The roof of the Ismaili Centre, London features a chahar bagh, or four-part garden.

Thirty-five years ago, on 24 April 1985, a moment of great historical significance for the global Jamat took place. The Right Honourable Margaret Thatcher — then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom — officially opened the Ismaili Centre, London, in the presence of Mawlana Hazar Imam. This was the community’s first purpose-built, bespoke Jamatkhana and Centre in the western world.

Ms Harue Oki, an art enthusiast and instructor, provided the audience an insight into the art of Ikebana.

The Japanese consulate and the Ismaili Centre, Dubai, recently partnered to feature the art of ‘Ikebana,’ which took participants on a journey of culture, art, time, and nature, reminding us to look within to find calm and peace.

TEDxOudMetha explored a theme of “Exponential Impact,” assembling decision-makers and thought leaders across a variety of industries.

Promoting inclusivity and accessibility, Ismaili Centres and Jamatkhanas around the world are opening their doors to dialogue and conversation – a cornerstone to pluralism and a long-standing tradition of our faith.

To support women during the postpartum period, simple gestures such as offering to pick up groceries, making a meal, or taking the baby for a walk can have a positive impact.

“Women are twice as likely as men to experience depression and anxiety, yet three times more likely to experience barriers to accessing mental healthcare,” explained Dr Simone Vigod during a session entitled Healthy Moms, Healthy Families – Breaking Down Barriers to Maternal Mental Healthcare at the Ismaili Centre Toronto in early February. 

A Hackathon Dubai participant consults with a facilitator to determine if his group is on the right track.

The Ismaili Centre, Dubai held its first two-day Hackathon recently, which introduced 35 young individuals to real-world technological problems and challenged them to identify sustainable global solutions.

The Ismaili Centre was opened in 2009 in the presence of Mawlana Hazar Imam, Princess Zahra, and Prince Rahim.

As part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Ismaili Centre, Dubai, architects Rami El Dahan and Soheir Farid visited the Centre earlier this year and looked back on the successes and challenges in designing a welcoming building of timeless elegance.

Members of the audience listen intently as the Aga Khan Master Musicians perform at the Ismaili Centre Lisbon in December 2019.

On 18 December 2019, the Aga Khan Master Musicians with special guest Jasser Haj-Youssef delighted an audience at the Ismaili Centre, Lisbon. They highlighted the unity between different countries and continents, and between the present and the past by exploring various forms of classical, folk, jazz, and contemporary music.

The final creation of DiversiTree to celebrate the UAE’s Year of Tolerance.

In an effort to highlight the importance of tolerance, President of the UAE His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has proclaimed this year the ‘Year of Tolerance’. With this in mind, an event called DiversiTree was recently held at the Ismaili Centre Dubai. The project, which is part art installation and part performance art, brought together the collective creativity of the community to design a transformative experience for children and adults. This collaborative installation and performance brought to life the concept of diversity, while at the same time developing a breathtaking creation of artistic beauty.