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Khushyali Mubarak - Ismaili Volunteer Corps Mozambique 

Expressing love for the Imam of the Time

Students and teachers of Dar e Talim from nationwide collaborated together virtually to celebrate Imamat Day.

As a part of Imamat day celebration, SL Students were given  a poem of Sa’di Sherazi and an ayat from the Holy Quran that is around the Diamond Jubilee emblem to be interpreted and presented in any form of art, poetry, drawing singing, skit or painting to represent their understanding. Here are some pieces by some of our students.

Winners of the Week Photography competition can be found here

Effective listening can be powerful. It demonstrates empathy, understanding, compassion, and most importantly, it shows care for what someone is saying. Active listening is not only a vital skill to help manage conflict, it can also help to improve our day-to-day interactions. In this video we explore the power of effective listening and the role of empathy in mediation.

The Ismaili TV is pleased to present an Imamat Day programme featuring a variety of content that is sure to entertain and inspire the Jamat over the course of three days.

Por ocasião do Imamat Day, Mawlana Hazar Imam graciosamente enviou um Talika Mubarak para o Jamat global e que partilhamos pelo The Ismaili.

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Here you can find all the activies planned for the week.


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TKN Vancouver couple plays key role in helping to establish palliative care at Aga Khan University Discussion regarding discharge plan for palliative care patients admitted to the hospital. (Left to right) Dr. Atif Waqar, Head of Palliative Medicine; Anar Shariff; Samina Barkatali, Palliative Care Nurse Navigator; Dr. Nasreen Saleem, Palliative Medicine; Afzal Mangalji

The spirit of giving, sharing and caring is an old tradition kept alive through volunteerism in Ismaili practice across the world and varies in form. Time and Knowledge Nazrana is an opportunity to share knowledge and skills acquired through years of experience.

The Aga Khan Academy has started a little initiative to bring the Academy’s community together. 

We often hear of the need to employ best practice in our daily lives, not least when serving the community. In this video, we learn about the type of training that Conciliation and Arbitration Board (CAB) members receive, and how CABs use best practice in their training to assist parties with resolving disputes.

Having the awareness to choose the right subject and career options is an essential element of a student's life. "Scaffold" is a Career Counseling Program that has been introduced with the collaboration of  Education Portfolio, National council  Mozambique and the Career Counselor on board, Ms. Abbani. The presentation aims at not only facilitating better understanding of the subject options available, but also in what ways can the student, parent and counselor work together to build a better pathway for the child's professional life.

Welcome to Mozambique’s information bulletin, The Communiqué.

While mental health conditions impact both men and women, they can affect each gender differently. The stressors and coping mechanism of women is different from men. Health Portfolio in synergy with Women Activity brings you the real stories of women talking about how they changed their stress into opportunity.