Justice Albie Sachs presents Mawlana Hazar Imam with the South African Bill of Rights at the 2016 Annual Pluralism Lecture of the Global Centre for Pluralism. GCP / Tom Sandler

Toronto, 20 May 2016 — Justice Albie Sachs, a heroic activist, freedom fighter and a former judge on the Constitutional Court of South Africa, delivered the Annual Pluralism Lecture yesterday evening. A flagship event of the Global Centre for Pluralism, this year’s talk gave a riveting recount of how South Africa’s constitution was created.

Cancer screening camps combine the resources Jamati institutions, Aga Khan Health Services and AKU Hospitals and medical clinics to raise the Jamat's awareness about cancers and other non-communicable diseases. Ismaili Council for Tanzania

In the past, when an individual was diagnosed with cancer or heart disease, the options for treatment in East Africa were limited. But as the footprint of the Aga Khan University has expanded, new facilities and trained health specialists are making quality care accessible in the region.