Send an Eid eCard greeting! is pleased to offer its Eid al-Adha greeting eCard service. Choose from several unique designs, and send your eCard to up to 50 friends at a time. Visit to get started!

Send an Eid eCard to your friends and family. Photo:
Send an Eid eCard to your friends and family.

As Muslims worldwide prepare to celebrate Eid al-Adha, is pleased to offer its email greeting card service. The free service makes it easy to send Eid al-Adha greetings to up to 50 friends and family members at a time. Choose from a selection of unique eCard designs, and customise your card with a personal message.

Easy steps to create and send an Eid eCard

  1. Choose a design: Start by going to, and choose the eCard design that you want to use by clicking on its photo.
  2. Write a message and sign the eCard: On the next screen, you can customise your Message or use the default greeting that is already provided. Enter your name and email address under About You as you wish them to appear on the eCard.
  3. Add your recipients: You can send your eCard to up to 50 Recipients. Type the name and email address of one of the people to whom you wish to send the eCard. To send the same eCard to more than one person, click Add another recipient, and repeat until you have listed all of the recipients for this eCard. (You may also be able to import information from your email contacts – see below).
  4. Send your eCard: Finally press the Send button, and the eCard will be delieved on your behalf to the friends and family members that you listed. Repeat these steps to send as many eCards as you would like!

Import contacts from your email account (optional)

If you have a Yahoo, GMail, Hotmail or AOL email account, follow these steps to import contacts from your address book and select those to whom you wish to send the eCard:

  1. In the Recipients section of the second screen, click Import your contacts to launch the import tool.
  2. Type your email address in the box provided – it needs to be attached to a Yahoo, GMail, Hotmail or AOL account. Click the Check button.
  3. When prompted, type your email account password. Your credentials are only used to import contacts and will not be stored in the system. Click Import Contacts.
  4. Place a checkmark next to each of the contacts whom you would like as an eCard recipient. When you are done, scroll to the bottom of the list and click the Select button. You will see the names and email addresses of your selected contacts added as eCard recipients.

Eid eCards are available now until Eid al-Adha. Visit to send yours today!