Did you know that it's now possible to connect specialised service providers with those who need them most?
Come and find out more with Merytu & Oscar!

On 10 February, we invite you to take part in the "Workshop: Unlocking Freelance Opportunities with Merytu & Oscar" and discover how you can increase your income with Merytu & Oscar.

  • Merytu: Merytu connects freelancers and professionals to work on a one-off basis in a hotel or restaurant as a waiter, chef, baggage handler and more.
  • Oscar: Oscar offers various services such as repairs, cleaning and laundry by specialised technicians.

Date and Time: 10th February 2024 (Saturday), from 9am to 1pm

Location: Ismaili Centre, Lisbon

Cost per person: €5

Registration: https://forms.gle/kvEsaHHet7DL455b7

For more information: a[email protected]