When you visit our gallery, you will see that we already have a good number of artists. But we are not stopping here! Come and find out about all the news we have to share!


It’s been nine months since we first inaugurated our virtual art gallery. Since December 2020, we have published 12 artists and we have had over 1000 visits to the gallery! We really appreciate your support!

On October 7th, we opened our first temporary exhibition, with Nogueira de Barros, our first guest artist. These artworks use a technique that is very unique to this artist and it produces wonderful effects.

In the next few weeks, we promise to bring more news. We will introduce two new art categories. Keep your eyes open for this!

Until then, we are awaiting your visit at: https://the.ismaili/portugal/arte-e-cultura/elevarte-galeria-virtual