The IMAGO LISBOA Photo Festival, in its third edition, is already an event in the panorama of national and international photography. This year, the themes look at fundamental issues of our times such as equality, equity, inclusion and diversity. Come and find out more details!


This is an event that takes place in several spaces in Lisbon. Each is dedicated to a specific sub-theme within the overall theme for the festival.

This year, there are two themes that serve as the theme of the festival: "Family in transition" and "Rethinking Nature/Rethinking Landscape". The event takes place in several spaces in the city of Lisbon, namely, MNAC - National Museum of Contemporary Art, Carpentry of Saint Lazarus, SNBA, IMAGO Garage, Santa Maria Maior Gallery, Lisbon Municipal Archive – Photographic, Water Museum, among others.

During the month of October, you can visit any of these spaces and, in many of them, admission is free.

We would like to highlight, in particular, the photographic exhibition at the National Society of Fine Arts, whose theme is "We are Family!", a collective exhibition that aims to show that we are part of the same family and “celebrate diversity and embrace difference” .

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