If you still don't know Milene Habib's work, you don't know what you're missing! This week, we're introducing a new art form to our gallery: cake design. Come and see the sweet wonders that Milene does!


Milene started in these activities in 2010, wanting to make a special cake for her daughter, and driven by her curiosity and interest in crafts, she started to explore the world of cake design.

And she's never stopped since!

She learned, practiced, innovated and now passes on her knowledge to others. And, on the way, she participated in national and international fairs and brought home some beautiful prizes.

Currently focused on training, Milene has several courses, ranging from batters and fillings, cupcakes, to watercolours on cake, flowers and modelling, among others.

See here wonderful projects here and get to know a little more about Milene's world.