The Aga Khan Education Board (AKEB), together with ITREB and the Aga Khan Foundation, is going to restart the GABC programme - Groups Learning, Playing and Growing.


This programme allows interaction between parents and children from 2 to 3 years old and it is dynamized by professional monitors.

The main goal is to promote a child´s natural learning through playing, by nurturing wellness environments and healthy interactions between participants, whether they are children or adults.

In GABC, children make friends, discover new experiences, increase their self-esteem and further develop physical, social, emotional, and intellectual aspects.

Parents or other caregivers have the opportunity to establish stronger ties with their children, by spending quality time with them as well as interacting with other parents to share experiences and exchange information.

The sessions are informal, dynamic, flexible, and respectful of the characteristics, needs and interests of the entire group.

GABC sessions can include multiple dynamics such as:

  • Conversations, dialogues and advice/ support;
  • Indoor and outdoor games;
  • Diverse exploration and experimentation, games and motorized activities;
  • Visual arts (drawings, paintings, ripping, clipping, collage, clay modelling, flour dough…);
  • Sensorial experiences;
  • Music and movement, stories, poetry, nursery rhymes and circle dances;
  • Building Materials.

The sessions include both free play moments and activity proposals.

Given that it is during this time that the human brain better develops, it is of extreme importance to expose and stimulate children for enriching and adequate experiences to their cognitive behaviour.

The sessions will start on March 12th. They will be held biweekly, with a duration of 2 hours per session, approximately (from 10:15am until 12:15pm).

We count on you and your little ones in this early childhood walk, to which Mawlana Hazir Imam attributes extreme importance.

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For more information contact the members of AKEB ([email protected]) and ITREB ([email protected]).