Youth & Sports and ITREB would like to thank everyone who took part in the weekend at Tapada de Mafra. Check out a little bit of what happened there. We hope you had fun!


During our adventure, we entered the wonderful world of bees and had the opportunity to learn more about them and their importance in our lives. We also got to taste their delicious honey and pollen and see all the other incredible things bees produce.

Next, we took an electric train throughout the Tapada and observed deers, turtles, wild boars, and more throughout the park. We returned to the main site, where we had a snack and a chance to socialize before getting back on the bus. On our journey back to Lisbon, our group sang and danced to their favourite cultural songs.

We had over 50 participants from Portugal, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kenya, Canada, India, and more! Not only did we get to learn about the history and diversity of the forest, but about ourselves too.

Thank you to all the volunteers who made this happen.

We hope to see you again next time!