On 11th May the Stand Up Comedy Show with Gilmário Vemba took place in the Noble Room of the Ismaili Centre, Lisbon.

With an audience of around 230 people of all ages, Youth & Sports in partnership with CFR had the pleasure of providing 1:30h of humor and relaxation.
The lively and receptive audience demonstrated their admiration for the artist, applauding throughout the show.

After the show and during the cocktail, Gilmário Vemba was kind enough to join all those presents, and generously provided all fans the opportunity to meet him and register the moment in photographs.

Gilmário Vemba, 38 years old, graduated in International Relations and Political Analysis, became one of the greatest Angolan Humorists when he stood out from the group "Os Tuneza", of which he was part for several years.

Currently, Gilmário has his own solo shows and despite all his commitments, he accepted our invitation to perform at the Ismaili Centre, Lisbon.
At the end of the show he mentioned how honored he felt to be able to provide a humorous moment at the Ismaili Centre, something that had never happened in his entire career, and that certainly also marked him.