Practice sports and join Youth & Sports activities that are taking place right now.



You can significantly improve your health and quality of life by including moderate amounts of physical activity in your daily life.

In addition to a balanced diet, playing volleyball regularly is a way to improve your stamina and physical quality.

Join the team every Tuesday at Escola D Pedro V, in Sete Rios, Lisbon (the facilities have parking). The training will be under the coordination of our sports director Marco Silva.

For more information contact coordinator Zafrin Samsudin - Tlm: (+351) 920 125 290 / [email protected]


It may be the ideal sport for you.

Tennis improves your coordination, concentration and memory. It works on improving your cardiovascular system and functioning.

It’s a game that wins the hearts of its fans. Come and explore your potential.

For more information, contact the coordinator Nasser Haji Ali and/or sub-coordinator Shafik Mahomad - [email protected]


It is difficult to find a sport that has so many supporters of both genders and with such a wide range of ages (from 5/6 years to 80). This is one of the most interesting features of the sport, which is often played with the family. Easy to learn, it allows exchanging balls and dispute points from the first experience.

With the support of specialized monitors and playing often (ideally twice a week) it can evolve a lot and in a short period of time.

For more information contact Nazir Jadaugy – Tlm: (+351) 914 461 306 / [email protected]