Yeats tells us that the world is full of magic waiting for our senses to heighten so we can feel it all around us. Well, this week we have the perfect suggestions to exercise your senses and see the magic appear all around you! Come and discover the proposals we have for you.


The proposals we have for you this week will guarantee moments of admiration, joy and, yes!, magic too!

1. Magical Garden - Alice

Alice in Wonderland one step away from home. The second magical garden is located in the Tropical Botanical Garden, in Belém. It is an experience that promises to “evoke some of the most famous and amazing characters from the fantastic world created by Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland, such as the White Rabbit, the Laughing, the Blue Caterpillar or the Queen of Hearts.” (in

You can visit the garden and this wonderful exhibition until the 17th of April. Discover all the details here

2. Virtual reality experiences

They have a lot of magic in them or so it seems when diving into a virtual reality experience. Living in a parallel universe, completely different and separate from your daily life. Alone or in a group, which turns out to be much more fun, go on a tour and fly over the 20 best-known monuments in Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra, or you can drive a race car on a motorsport track or even live an adventure with Marvel's super heroes in Wakanda.

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Have fun!