Get to know and participate in seniors’ weekly activities: in person and online. Contact the Elderly Care members now!


Shanti Project

The third session of the Shanti II Project took place on May 10th, with Dr. Vítor Fragoso, psychologist, psychotherapist and teacher.

"Meanings of Human Existence" was the theme discussed.

Active Memory

The session of the Active Memory program, on May 16th, included the symbolisms and teachings we can obtain through the “ginans” and the procedures during the prayer.

My Golden Events

On May 12th, as part of the My Golden Events program, the session was hosted by Nadya Narsidani, from India, who explored the theme "Swatantrata (Aazadi/ Freedom) in Gujarati.

Choir (in synergy with External Relations, Arts & Culture - ERAC)

Choir classes take place in person on Tuesdays.

English classes

Basic English classes take place every Wednesday and Intermediate English on Fridays.

Basic English conversation classes take place on Fridays.

Elderly Gym Class

Online gym classes take place on Fridays, in Lisbon and Oeiras, and on Thursdays, in Seixal.

In-person gym classes take place classes on Tuesdays, at the Ismaili Centre.

IT classes

IT classes take place on Saturdays.

Physical exercise (in synergy with Youth & Sports)

Walks, followed by stretching exercises, take place every Sunday at INATEL, from 10:00am to 01:00pm.

Seniors (+60) who wish to participate in the mentioned programs should contact the following Elderly Care members:

  • Shelina Amad (Lisbon): 968 385 002
  • Salima Sadrudin (Seixal): 933 080 185
  • Farida Nurali (Oeiras): 960 400 250