Youth & Sports informs that sports activities at INATEL, for the whole family, have restart every Sunday from 10:00am to 01:00pm.


Take note of the activities that are available for you:


Specially prepared classes for all women, in partnership with Circle, held every Sunday from 11:30am to 12:15pm.

Increase your potential on our side.

Circle is a specialist in movement and motor locomotion. Its goal is to help you in a practical and functional way to meet your goals and recover your strength, mobility, dexterity and flexibility, which are part of us as human.

For more information contact the coordinator Munira Cardoso (+351 963 573 147) or send an email to: [email protected]


Team sports offer multiple benefits for everyone.

Sports activities, such as football, increase social interaction, encourage teamwork, companionship, compliance with rules and even teach how to deal with victories and defeats.

For more information, contact general coordinator of INATEL activities Ayaz Juma (+351 932 589 105) or coordinator André Rocha (+351 963 319 999).


This activity will take place once a month, with the monitoring of a teacher, and is intended to encourage the practice of sports from childhood with the participation of parents.

Simply bringing children together indoors or outdoors, moving them around and encouraging interaction with other children for an activity or game, has been proven to be beneficial for their physical and intellectual development.

We will have news soon, stay tuned.


Did you know that hiking has amazing benefits?

Walking often is good for the heart in addition to losing weight.

Transform your habits into health!


Anyone who runs regularly knows the sensation and pleasure it gives us, releasing substances that make our brain younger and also increases the hormones of happiness.

Running for 30 minutes with the right pulse, in a relaxed way, with a smile, will surely make success knock at your door!

For more information, contact coordinator Sadiq Kassamo (+351 961 967 993) or send an email to: [email protected]


It could be the ideal sport for you and now it is available at INATEL every Sunday from 11:00am to 01:00pm.

Tennis improves your coordination, concentration and memory and is a sport that works your cardiovascular system improving and its functioning.

It's a game that wins the hearts of its fans. Come and explore its potential.

For more information contact the coordinator Nasser Haji Ali and sub-coordinator Shafik Mahomad, through the email: [email protected]


It is difficult to find a team sport that has so many fans of both genders and with such a wide age range (from 5/6 to 80). This is one of the most interesting features of the sport, which is often played in the family. Ease of learning is another advantage, as it is possible to exchange balls and dispute points from the first experience.

For more information contact the coordinators Nazir Jadaugy (+351 914 461 306), Alida Daya (+351 969 418 816) or send an email to: [email protected]


To avoid muscle pain, risk of injury or loss of flexibility/mobility we have a time dedicated to stretching at 12:15pm, in front of the tennis court.