In order to improve communication between the Local Council and the Jamat, the Council's WhatsApp Broadcasting Channel is launched today.  Read on for more information on how to join and benefit from this new service.

Given the current constraints experienced worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic, society in general is having to adapt and find new and creative ways to maintain normality in their lives while respecting the limitations imposed by the pandemic. The Angola Jamat is no exception.

To respond to this situation - and as part of a broader plan to improve the services offered to Jamat - the Council for Angola accelerated the launch of a broadcast channel on WhatsApp to ensure communication with the Jamat remains undisrupted.  This new, one-way communication tool will ensure Jamati members  receive communications and announcements from the Council as well as information relevant for the Jamat of Angola.

How to Join

To join the channel, follow these steps:

1. Add the general number of the INFO COUNCIL ANGOLA +244 928 186 624 to the contacts on your smartphone where the WhatsApp application is installed;


       a. Send a WhatsApp message to the INFO COUNCIL ANGOLA with the word “ADICIONAR” to receive messages in Portuguese.

       b. Alternatively send a message with the expression “ADD ME” to receive messages in English.

3. Within 24h-72h you will start receiving messages from the Council.

The Council kindly reminds the Jamat that this is a one-way, broadcast channel only, any messages sent to this number will not be monitored.  We ask the younger members of Jamat to assist the not-so-young, should they encounter any difficulties.

On this auspicious occasion, the Council for Angola wishes the Jamat a hearty Navroz Mubarak!