We are back with the second edition of the ArtSaprk Challenge with new categories and a new theme! Find out about all the details.

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We all have a hidden artist, within us, waiting for a spark to awaken!

We, at Arts & Culture, want to know your inner artist so you are proposing a challenge: if you like to photograph or to write, this message is for you!

We are launching a Photography and Creative Writing challenge.
For this second edition of the ArtSpark Challenge, the chosen theme, which also resonates with the times, is the most voted word of 2020 by the Portuguese people: “Saudade” (“Longing”)

How does it work?

You can submit up to two works, one in each category - photography and/or creative writing - until April 19th in digital format to: [email protected]

You can find all the challenge rules and details in the REGULATION.

Who can participate?

All members of the community, including our non-Ismaili family members.