The Central Fund Raising (CFR) team has begun its campaign for 2022. Know here how to contribute!


What is CFR?

The CFR's mission is to raise annual funds (financial resources) to financially support the key areas of Institutional activities.

The main goal is to support the various Jamati Institutions in the development of their programs, activities, projects and initiatives aimed at the Jamat of the Portuguese Jurisdiction (which includes Angola, Spain and Portugal Jamat). The CFR has an important role in the devolopment of the Institutions, as our institutions use this fund to implement their programs, with the premise of promoting the well-being and improving the quality of life of the Jamat.

What is CFR for?

The funds collected by the CFR team (donations) contribute to all “Programmatic Activity” (Boards/Portfolios activities, Jamat festivities and Ismaili Center programs) from the Institutions, with part of these funds being for the services directed to the Jamat in areas, but with a special focus on assisting families in need of more urgent care. The remaining amount is applied to programs such as FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance, ITREB, Youth and Sport and also with the operational costs of the Ismaili Center and the Jamatkhanas in our jurisdiction.

Why should I contribute?

Bearing in mind that everyone, in one way or another, enjoys the programs, initiatives or activities to which these funds are destined, and remembering the values of sharing, mutual assistance and solidarity that characterize the ethics of our faith, the CFR team humbly requests the collaboration of all Jamati members, as far as they can, to subscribe their donation, so that together we can continue to work for the development and well-being of our community. The donations of all Jamati members, without exception, from youth to seniors, will make all the difference! Be an active partner in this cause: CFR - “My Contribution - From all to all”

We remind Jamat that all donations will have a corresponding receipt.

How can I make a donation?

The CFR team is available for any clarifications you need and reinforces the message that all contributions, however symbolic they may be, are precious.

CFR team

  • Coordinator: Alijah Amyn Habib (TM: 933 786 786)
  • Sub-coordinator: Alijah Saheba Romina Amirali Gulamhussen (TM: 934 904 385)
  • Members Lisboa: Amine Nuro Ali (TM: 962 119 012; Karim Amin Givá (TM: 961 778 669; Huzur Mukhiani Karima Manji (TM: 969 859 777); Shahid Nurmamade (TM: 962 922 944)
  • Member Seixal: Rai Karim Madatali Rajabali (TM: 961 775 152)
  • Members Angola: Rai Jalaludin Hassanali Rehemtula (TM: +244 936 991 143); Shaukat Minsarya (TM: +244 925 143 733)
  • International Member: Ali Droliya (TM: +244 935 915 110)
  • Member for Communication: Huzur Mukhiani Nadia Ahmad (TM: 914 919 143)

What are the available means to make the donation?

  • Bank transfer IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 45666817211 05; Name: AECCI Council CFR Donation
  • MB WAY | Debit Card | Credit Card (Contact the CFR Team)

What information do I have to provide to obtain the receipt?

Name or Company name, NIF/NIPC number, postal address and email address (send receipt to: [email protected])