It is well known that travelling broadens our horizons, opens our minds and hearts. So, we’re proposing a short trip around Mozambique!


  • Country: Moçambique

  • Capital: Maputo

  • Population: 21 909 798 inhabitants

  • Spoken languages: Portuguese as official language but the most spoken languages ​​are macua, tsonga and sena.

  • Fun Fact: Mozambican music can serve many purposes and is an art that is constantly present in your daily life. It has a large space in its religious and traditional ceremonies. Musical instruments are generally made by hand and include drums made of wood and animal skin, such as the lupembe, a wind instrument made from animal horns or wood, and the marimba, which is a kind of native xylophone.

  • Traditional food: Prego (meat loaf), kebab, pudding and the popular chicken roasted with piripiri are all dishes with a Portuguese influence and are widely consumed by the current population of Mozambique.

  • Typical costume: Capulana is a fabric that appeared on the Asian continent and, through commercial exchanges, arrived in Mozambique. Traditionally used by women to cover the body, and sometimes the head, also goes far beyond fashion as for example it serves to carry their children on their backs.